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    The Shine Sandworm

    Shine Sandworm Editor-in-Chief: Teni Writer: Rakusai Rakusai's Corner Sound check! Sound check! mic check! mic check! I'd probably write a rap song or a diss track, but I dont think my older would oblige. LOL So how are you guys? Its been awhile since we got into the forums (wow! it works! its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalive!!!). Its my first time in many months (or was it years?) since I logged in the game. The notification for the C3 Anniversary Event seems has gone ballistic, but it still something. Hey! Who's still in here on August 2019? DAILY REPORT (see attached. image) That's all folks! Till next time! shortest news ever. ¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤ Rise up, Praise the Sun!
  5. So this kinda like facebook now. :o

    1. Arphee


      ;)  Something like that I suppose.

  6. Same on Firefox and chrome on iPhone browsers. I can’t use weapons but I’ll try safari next then maybe internet explorer. go button disappears
  7. I once played this game a long time ago, then i stopped when i got busy. Now here i am once again. Hope that each of you say hello and that we can have a fun time together.
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  9. Username; Quentaii Location:not based on location Priority: Medium... tho i would like it fixed soon since i have been having this problem for months... Bug effects: My Elemental Quest for my Bloodline's Element(Wind) is not activating. i have already Defeated the Tiger at the Howling Den a long time ago. i got the Repeating quest for about 2 weeks and then they just stopped. i haven't gotten a single one since. How it happened/how to reproduce: i honestly have no idea. this started so long ago that i dont even remember exactly when it stopped. Error codes: none so far. but since this isnt related to a crash or anything i dont think i would get one. Notes: i would like to add the following facts: I had switched bloodlines after having done the first bloodline's elemental quest AND the repeating quests for some time. the original bloodline was Vaporia which was a Water Elemental, so i Took down the Steel Tortoise and then those water creatures in the swamp was my elemental repeat targets. at that time i was not able to take on the repeat well, and i was not happy with my bloodline so i used the thing that removes a bloodline, then used a genjutsu based item to get what i have now, Endless Erosion which is a Wind Elemental. I did the Steel Tiger and stomped it. then i had a couple weeks where i got the quest, which was to defeat the wind elemental creatures up in the mountains in the northeast, then it just stopped showing up. i havent gotten it once since then. i have tried going to the howling den with and without a wind amulet equipped or in my pocket. i have tried selling and buying a new one. i even tried other element amulets... i havent gotten anything. So i would like to know what happened here, and i havent gotten much help from the support ticket i made... it took weeks just to be told to report it here. (btw... sorry i hadnt noticed the guideline thing.....) just lemme know if you need me to do something.
  10. Its not showing the repeat quest... I have tried equipping the amulet. I have tried selling anand buying a new one...
  11. Any Christmas event? Any ideas for Christmas event?
  12. I can't leave shine while I'm awake. It's really irritating cause I want to raid. Please fix soon
  13. I don't know where to put this so I'll put it here and hopefully a mod sees it or something. but I wake up and I can't leave the village, why?
  14. Username: Agelage Location: Log in page. Priority: High Non-existant apparently. Bug's Effects: When trying to log in, after typing in the capthca (correctly, after several attempts, both from work and from home) I get the reply: User Login Error There was an error trying to update user credentials. Please try again! There's also a text in the upper left corner that reads: There was an error logging the query error. Inception much? Error in error query How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Tried to log in. Error Codes: There was an error logging the query error. Inception much? Error in error query After recieving further information from unsolicited sources, new information about a server-transference has arised! This is no longer a bug, but instead a migration-phase that has been planned and is just taking time, doing its thing. (Still, some sort of post somewhere on the forum, or main site news-section, would have been nice... )
  15. About 5 days ago I had decided to roll my bloodline back to Frostblade Executioner but I knew I had to go through every other buki bloodline once in order to get there since I started with FE at one point. Before I rolled anything I was Infernal Reaper. I had acquired enough reps for 2 rolls. All rerolls were done with the Skyfire Blade item. The first one was Savage Hurricane so I tried again and I landed on Vaporia. A few minutes later I had gotten enough reps to make 2 more rolls. So I rerolled again and landed on Endless Erosion and with my last roll I landed back onto Vaporia. I had rolled through each buki bloodline once and still got a repeat without even touching FE again. Send help pls.
  16. What would change The cost of a specialization change would drop from 15 reputation points to 0. How it benefits us Dropping the price to 0 would allow people with highest bloodlines to make the switch to another offense easier after spending the 120 reps required to do so, rather than spending an additional 15 reps. In addition, it would also be easier to check the tags of the other offense variants of each bloodline jutsu, allowing players to make more informed choices whenever one is thinking of changing offense. It also reduces general confusion. Why it matters With the most recent changes to highest bloodlines, and how the offenses for them are chosen, specialization has become extremely devalued, now only being used to simply change the tags on BL jutsu from one offense to another. In cases where a specialization has already been chosen, a player that opts into an offense change often finds themselves with a mismatched specialization, causing their bloodline jutsu to be of the wrong offense. They would require another 15 reps spent, on top of the 120 reps they spend on an offense change, making the true cost of an offense change become 135 reps. Problems/Concerns Involved Game staff might want people to spend the extra 15 reps, alternatively the offense change can be increased to 135 reps while making specialization change free. This will still be a quality of life change giving players less hassle.
  17. Suggestion Outline: Add collapsible sub-menus to crafting. What would change: The layout of the crafting profession page. How it would change: Sub-menus would be added to the crafting page, which would contain all crafting recipes that are related to one-another. For example, all of the Grand Leather Armor recipes would be grouped together along with Studded leather straps, Studded leather, Studded Bonded Leather and Studded Repair kit, under the sub-menu "Grand Leather Armor". So when the page is first opened all sub-menus would be collapsed, or there could even be a "lock" feature so you can lock certain sub-menus so they will always be opened when returning to the page. How it benefits us: It would make regular and repetitive crafting more convenient especially for those on mobile. Why it matters:With the current layout, if you wish to craft say a set of EJ Village Armor, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to craft materials, many times, and then once all materials are crafted you need to then scroll down to the bottom of the page to craft each individual armor piece. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): I'm not sure if this would be applicable to the other two crafting professions but I assume they could be grouped in a similar manner.
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