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  2. Zim

    Syndicate Love

    Suggestion Outline Changes to syndicate as a whole. What would change : Syndicate How it would change : The creation of gangs with x amount of users being allowed. Removal of stats affecting robbing in any way. The ability to scout further in syndicate territory. Rob/mercenary bonuses based on how well a gang is doing throughout say a week or month etc. The ability to repair ones weapons or even create outlaw items that solely increase chances of rob or scout or maybe even special outlaw only armor. Allowing a person to take out their items from storage without being on a village or needing a village at all. How it benefits us : Would allow players to enjoy syndicate better in general. Why it matters : Syndicate in it's current state is a complete mess and needs love. Problems/Concerns : People joining syndicate immediately just to receive these benefits. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion: None
  3. Anytime Genin you say? Let me get you a sensei. Feel free to PM me in game if you need any guidance. Student System The user Roninichi has been added as your student Return
  4. Thanks Rei. I'm a genin thanks to your help.
  5. I will ask an admin to check onto your account. ---- Edit: Admin reviewed your account, and it seems to be solved now. You have to make sure you are in your village tile to turn in your quests. Same for errands, bank, item shop... which are under the village menu. I hope it works smooth for you now, here we are if you have any doubt or question.
  6. The problem with my quest journal is back. I think this will happen for evety level.
  7. I'm guessing this is preventing you from rank up, isn't it? I'm not sure why the turn in button disappeared but I'll manually close it for you so you can move forward. Let me know if its fixed now.
  8. Can you please post a screenshot of your questjournal?
  9. I can not turn in my quest inside of my journal. Under action it reads N/A. I'm new but this does not seem right according to the instructions.
  10. I agree with aelin, if a global tavern was a thing i would still like to have my village tavy so we can talk about our konoki secret recipes. I also agree about the emojis and the ping/notification. Maybe also: -Thumbs up/down for posts - Custom emojis x village, to upgrade by the kage in exchange of vf. Up to 5? and only published after moderation review. - Kawaii icons to display beside your name, maybe your fav badge when implemented? - audio notifications?
  11. Very awesome! That's super exciting and looks really good, especially as just a start.
  12. Aelin

    Tavern Inspiration

    As I am an optimist, I'd love to have both global and local tavern. (2 tabs basically? like the map choice). Hopefully one day we reach like a 150 online user count (hey we reached 75, I am onto something) and people can keep their village anonymity + also communicate with everyone in game. I hear emojis aren't a thing anymore and while I sincerely don't care, other people do like having them - so bring that up as well maybe?
  13. We have this idea of awarding people badge's, depending on the number of total posts they make on tavern. A thousand, 2k, 5k, etc. We're not entirely sure if it's feasible since it would need a counter for that somewhere and it may be too much info, idk. But yeah, the game's activity is directly tied to tavern activity, I'd say. Do you guys have suggestions to actually improve the tavern's system? The ping thing might be a good idea. What else could be done to make it more attractive and easy to use? Global tavern just might be a thing to save us all D: Despite having been furiously bashed in the past.
  14. https://tnrvamanual.weebly.com/
  15. Maybe if people could be pinged in tavern :FTC:
  16. That’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know! If I can do anything to help, I’d be happy to!
  17. Earlier
  18. Dont worry kind sir! Soon there shall be some type of manual/guide that the community is working on. Probably going to be published in a week or two!
  19. So I've been off-and-on playing in each of the cores (normally with lots of time between each return) and something about this game always brings me back in. I've always really likely how well built out the manual has been before about explaining important and useful stuff to new players. I was really sad to see that it seems like it doesn't really work any more. I'm wondering what could be done to re-make it. I'm sure it would be a very time intensive process but i'm also more than willing to help if I can. If there are old dumps of the information or good sources of bits and pieces of information anywhere, i'd be more than happy to gather them and sort/order them into a manual again. Just thing it is a really useful and cool thing to have and would love to see it working again.
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