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[Medium] Elemental Quest no Triggering

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Posted 01 January 2019 - 10:13 PM

Username; Quentaii


Location:not based on location


Priority: Medium... tho i would like it fixed soon since i have been having this problem for months...


Bug effects: My Elemental Quest for my Bloodline's Element(Wind) is not activating. i have already Defeated the Tiger at the Howling Den a long time ago. i got the Repeating quest for about 2 weeks and then they just stopped. i haven't gotten a single one since.


How it happened/how to reproduce: i honestly have no idea. this started so long ago that i dont even remember exactly when it stopped.


Error codes: none so far. but since this isnt related to a crash or anything i dont think i would get one.


Notes: i would like to add the following facts:

I had switched bloodlines after having done the first bloodline's elemental quest AND the repeating quests for some time. the original bloodline was Vaporia which was a Water Elemental, so i Took down the Steel Tortoise and then those water creatures in the swamp was my elemental repeat targets. at that time i was not able to take on the repeat well, and i was not happy with my bloodline so i used the thing that removes a bloodline, then used a genjutsu based item to get what i have now, Endless Erosion which is a Wind Elemental. I did the Steel Tiger and stomped it. then i had a couple weeks where i got the quest, which was to defeat the wind elemental creatures up in the mountains in the northeast, then it just stopped showing up. i havent gotten it once since then. i have tried going to the howling den with and without a wind amulet equipped or in my pocket. i have tried selling and buying a new one. i even tried other element amulets... i havent gotten anything. So i would like to know what happened here, and i havent gotten much help from the support ticket i made... it took weeks just to be told to report it here. (btw... sorry i hadnt noticed the guideline thing.....) just lemme know if you need me to do something. 

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