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Chakra and stamina pools function

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Posted 27 May 2018 - 08:59 PM

Suggestion Outline:

Separate chakra and stamina pools, so one would be used in combat and other for training.


What would change:

Chakra and stamina pools function.


How it would change:

Would be added a separate chakra/stamina pool for combat use only, which is fully recharged with start of every new combat.


How it benefits us:

Managing these resources would add another layer of depth to combat system. New jutsu tags could be added to affect jutsu cost*. Combat no longer be who deals the most damage, but also who manages its resources in most optimal manner**. Bloodline effects*** of reduced cost of jutsus will be meaningful, giving longevity in combat. Fun part of this game a.k.a PVP no longer will be tied to progression, so players will no longer have to make decision, do I fight or dedicate all my resources to training. It might improve player base activity.


Why it matters:

As it is now it serves no meaningful purpose, amount of chakra and stamina players have is astronomical compared to cost of jutsus. It only punishes players who get caught after spending all of their pools.


Problems/concerns involved (if applicable):

Would be smart: renaming chakra/stamina pools used for training to something else to avoid confusion.

Might be difficult to balance new jutsu tags listed below.

Hard to implement.


Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable):

* For example, new jutsu tags could be: Reduce, increase or remove jutsu cost, gain or steal chakra/stamina, percentage heal based on percent of chakra/stamina consumed.

** Cap of how many times one jutsu can be used in combat replaced with each consequential use of the same jutsu increases cost by X%

*** New bloodline effects could be added such as increased in combat chakra/stamina pool. Possibly a tradeoff, one increased other decreased.

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Most balanced game ever. Taijutsu beats all. Nothing makes sense.

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Posted 04 June 2018 - 03:53 AM

Well if that were to happen then there would be no point to limiting the amount of times a jutsu could be used. It would require a whole new format for battle

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