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Random Armor Material Drops from Missions:

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 09:45 PM

Suggestion Outline:


Think about this, whenever you play an MMO, do you seriously enjoy spamming dungeons? Chances are, no. However what is fun is the loot and drops you get after which makes it exciting and worth doing, with this in mind I propose this:


With the new armor update coming up, there is bound to be new sets of EJ and so armors, I suggest to add 1 more item to the recipe of these sets, a unique item that gets dropped from missions, this would mean that every time you hand a mission in there was a certain % chance you would get this, this systems already in place of syndi healing item drops thus it would be easy to implement. These drops can be rare and it could be a different drop for each different set of armor. Since the armors will have different features after the update, (different stat boosts) it will be pretty cool to have items that you need to craft items that would improve armor. However I think there should also be an option to craft the same piece of armor without the “jewel” making it weaker than the “jeweled” version.


Another Idea, which might be a little bit more complex coding wise would be to, make a set of armor and then “enchant” it with these items, so you could take it all the way upto +9 or whatever by adding these “jewels” like in mmo’s. in this case you only need to make the normal set of armor but add an “enchanting” option, which is whole another suggestion on its on but relevant as you would get these jewels from the mission drops.

What would change:

How it would change:
You would need a new item to craft armors, would affect Mission's making them more exciting
How it benefits us:
Makes doing the daily menial task of missions more exciting
Why it matters:
Adds something for the player base to be excited about
Problems/concerns involved (if applicable):
the second bit could be a bit difficult to code however the first bit should be easy.
Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable):

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Posted 26 December 2017 - 09:36 AM

I kind of like this, due the lack of players online is getting hard to obtain some materials, but this can over-encumber your inventory with tons of materials you dont even need and yet you'll still be lacking the ones you need. I think it would be a better idea just to let players trade materials at the global trade market

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