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#1 Anerr


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Posted 04 October 2017 - 09:26 AM

Suggestion Outline:


Creating a new world for brand new characters/accounts.

What would change:


There would be 2 worlds/servers. The first one would not be changed at all, but the new one would help attract new players.

How it would change:


I'm not an expert in that field, but I guess getting a new server or expanding the current one?

How it benefits us:


New players would be given a choice if they want to start the game on new server or the old one, or both. I think there would be much more "fair" PvP. Right now the only PvP I've seen was 6 battles when people killed me in one hit. It's important since, from what I've learned, this game is all about PvP. New players come and go, because after few days in the game they realize that it is impossible to catch up with older players without years of training and farming.

Why it matters:


1) It might bring more new players to the game.

2) Older players would be able to start fresh and wouldn't be concerned about boredom of endgame that much.

3) More players equals more additional funds for the game development.

4) More players equals more dynamic game economy.

5) There would be some actual wars between villages.

6) More interesting gameplay.


Problems/concerns involved (if applicable):


I'm not sure if you can afford this.

Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): 


With the opening of the new server there should be an e-mail campaign informing all the previous players about the opening of the new server. 

#2 Sorrow2


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Posted 04 October 2017 - 02:46 PM

I'm a TNR veteran but i joined Core 3 late in the game because of real life stuff,I joined Feb 2016 and capped by Jan 2017 capping has never been easier then it is now, take advantage of global events low mission cooldown timers etc. Make sure you use ragebar to avoid being killed as often before you know it u'll be stronger, i know a few players that accounts are about a month old and already have a decent amount of kills under their belt. 


I think starting a new core would be a mistake personally. 

#3 Anerr


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Posted 04 October 2017 - 03:53 PM

I know that training is pretty fast (got almost 14 mil exp in 23 days), but my point is to make it "believable" for new players. The more players there are, the more fun we have. 


Why do you think it's a mistake? New server (or core - don't know which one's correct) would give some endgame players a possibility to create new account and new players would be able to also start not that far away from them. Let's look at other website based games, like Ogame. They create a new server every month or two and they always have more than 3-4k players (and a lot of them pay for the game).


I think it would be a great opportunity to increase the numbers of people online.

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#4 Yumicho


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Posted 30 October 2017 - 11:20 PM

While I personally would vote for a new Core with a fresh start and improved code, I understand that it also takes a lot of time and resources to do that.


As temporary solution you could split the existing core into two tiers/levels (whatever you want to call it).


Tier 1 would be the existing core with the existing ranks, villages, jutsus etc. 


Tier 2 would be an extension of the existing core on the same server etc but once you reach it you can't see the stuff of Tier 1 anymore.


Step 1: Define new caps and levels for the lower Tier of the game (I'd recommend to make the cut somewhere around the current average Jounin level) and the exact point for the jump. I don't know a lot about the concept of DSR since I was gone for 2 years but it seems like a good basis for the decision of whether you are bumped to the new tier or remain on the old one. 
Step 2: Kill of one or two villages on Tier 1 to concentrate the players into fewer villages per Tier and increase activity in the remaining villages. This could be done through an event. I'd also recommend to send out a newsletter to all users about the upcoming event and changes, since that might motivate older players to return at least temporarily to try and save their favorite villages and/or to check out the changes.
Step 3:
a.) Storyline: if you are above the specified DSR you will be sent out on a mission to colonize new areas like "go on a quest to point X and defeat Y. Colonize X to prevent Y from returning"
b.) coding: once you are past that point and fulfill the requirements you add a column in the DB on the user-table that sets a flag that you are on the new tier. If your Account has the Tier 2 Flag you will see the features of Tier 2, if the Account doesn't have the flag you remain on Tier 1. 
Step 4: Force people to make a decision. If you are above the DSR level for the jump but refuse to jump for whatever reason your stats will be turned down to the new caps of tier 1. (Possible feature: you might keep the actual stats in the background, but they can't use the extra stats until they jump to tier 2 so you aren't completely effed if you decide to jump at a later point. You can't train them any further than at the point of the freeze until you make the jump. That would be a fair option for players that return to the new system after a long break, since they wouldn't lose the stats they already trained)
Step 5: If you make the jump you see a new map with new villages, new tavern, new ranks etc. It could just be an extension of the existing map so instead of seeing 0,0 to 20,25 you see the area of f.e. 150,150 to 170,175. You could make an event for the first explorers to establish the new villages where the event winners would get to name the new villages or something like that. 
From a coding POV you'd have to add the extended map and new villages with the taverns etc and make the Tier 1 invisible for people with the tier 2 flag + you would have to reduce their stats to the new cap-level if they are above.
From a content POV you'd have to come up with new events, items, ranks, jutsus etc, which would probably be the more work intensive task.

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#5 Ven



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Posted 21 November 2017 - 12:50 PM

I think this is basically suggesting a new core (a new and updated version of the game), which wouldn't go over well with most people. Once a newer version of the game is out, all the work people put in to the previous version becomes null and void. New players will join the new server, the new server will be more active, it will require more attention from the staff, the old one will fall into disrepair, some players from the old server will migrate to the new one because there's more action, etc. Even if it's the exact same game just with a fresh start, it would make the old server obsolete.


While Yumicho's suggestion is well thought-out, it's also a massive amount of effort and a huge change to the game. At that point the staff's resources would be better spent creating a new core, right?


Why not merge the ideas here and make something that takes the best of both. The problem I'm seeing is newer players have little to no incentive to play the game in it's current state. Knowing it will take 6 months minimum to survive 2 rounds against some of the most active players in PvP is incredibly discouraging. Segmenting the TNR population could help retain some of the new players when their fights are relatively close, and they don't feel discouraged by the massive disparity between them and older players.


A fairly simple hybrid idea would be something called "generations". When new players rank from Genin to Chuunin, they'll be informed that upon ranking they have the choice to join a generation of ninja who have been playing for a similar amount of time. A generation will be completely isolated from the main player base in regards to PvP (as I can't see the benefit to separating anything else). 


Generations will last for X period of time before they join the main game, and a new generation begins. Players that are currently in a generation will appear on the combat and scout pages, but will not be able to be attacked by anyone outside their generation, nor will they be able to attack anyone not in their generation. Hopefully this could be resolved similarly to how players no longer have an attack link in some situations. (I don't see any harm in allowing them to spar, but I don't really see that as a high priority issue either.)


Also when a player attempts to rank from Genin to Chuunin, they'll be informed of how long the current generation has existed, and how long before it joins the main game. They'll also be told when a new generation will begin, and hopefully some helpful info like, "generations aim to provide a healthy environment for new players to learn the game" and "don't rank 3 days before a generation ends" etc.


Generations could last anywhere from 3-6 months, they could overlap, there could be tiers, they could have cool names, there's a lot of wiggle room. Hopefully something like this would be less work to add to the game and could resolve some of the issues players experience when first starting out, without erasing the work existing players have put in to the game.


Some obvious flaws :

  • War (duh)
  • Some no lifers will still be the strongest of their generation and everyone will feel like EJ when they can't stop them from killing newbs
  • Can't kill that annoying guy stealing my copper when I'm trying to mine cuz he has generation protection or w/e
  • War
  • I bet it will still be really hard to code
  • New players are really gonna hate it when they finally have to join the main game, but at least they made some friends probably
  • Older players are really gonna hate it when their food puts up a fight
  • It's my idea
  • Doesn't help new players catch up to old players, it's just a band-aid
  • The game is already really old, maybe it's too late for an idea like this idk

Anyway this seems like a good compromise of the two ideas, I'm sure someone else can think of ways to make it cooler.


TLDR : New Genin join "Generations" that last 3-6 months when they rank to Chuunin, which will make them unable to attack or be attacked by players not belonging to that generation(they can only fight each other). They will still be part of the main game in every other aspect, aside from PvP. When the generation comes to an end they will become fully part of the main game(aka attackable), and a new generation will begin.

#6 saru


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Posted 21 November 2017 - 06:05 PM

I like what ARPG are doing (diablo3/PoE), start a fresh server -> wait 3~ months -> merge with original server. Just add some flavor, e.g. AI is x times stronger, or always active one of those daily buffs tuned up to 11.

Most balanced game ever. Taijutsu beats all. Nothing makes sense.

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