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[Shinobi] Miyuki Hyoujun [Shimokage]

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Posted 24 July 2015 - 03:40 PM

Ninja Info Card



Name: Hyoujun, Miyuki

Alias: Snowflake, That Crazy Bear Lady, Skittle Meister

Age: 23 Years old

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet, nine inches

Weight: 126 pounds

Element: Ice (Hyouton). Wind (Fuuton), Water (Suiton) [Two Open Element Slots]

Language: Hyougaan (Fluent), Rikuhuu (Accented), Sati (Accented), Ancient Hyougaan (Fluent), Faliscan (Fluent), Common (Accented with Ancient Hyougaan)

Long white hair reaching down to the middle of her back that glitters ever softly. Her eyes vary in colors, taking on one or two of the colors of the rainbow, the colors dancing and flowing across the iris like an aurora with a white pupil. Three teardrops are tattooed on both of her shoulders with a large tribal butterfly across her back. Her teeth are pointed, the sharp canines quite a bit longer then normal. Her skin is very pale, typical of most Hyoujun clan members. When not fighting, she is normally seen wearing a mid length white dress that is longer in the back then it is at the front. The long sleeved dress cuts low in the chest and leaves the shoulders bare. Even though the dress is white, it sparkles with a very faint prismatic sheen as if the entire dress was covered in glittering rainbow scales. Most of the time, the expressions that dance along her face can leave one to think that she is dazed and thinking of far off places. Which, may not be entierly false. However, there is always more then meets the eye.


Class: Shinobi

Rank: Shimokage, Ex-Aisukage, Retired ANBU, Medic Specialist

Village: Yamagakure

Clan: The Hyoujun Clan


Level: 25 [400/400exp]

Ninjutsu D C B A S
Genjutsu D C
Taijutsu D
Seals D C B A S
Strength D C B A
Speed D C B
Intelligence D C B A S
Endurance D C B A S
Stamina D C B A

D Rank Missions: 19
C Rank Missions: 16
B Rank Missions: 12
A Rank Missions: 9
S Rank Missions: 5

D Rank Crimes: 0
C Rank Crimes: 0
B Rank Crimes: 0
A Rank Crimes: 0
S Rank Crimes: 0


Miyuki was born in a small mountainous village, quite a bit south Hyouga. She was an only child and lived with her mother and father in a modest house on the outskirts of town. Her parents, being civilian, made there living through farming, and Miyuki often had the tasks of helping her parents plant or harvest on top of her normal chores. Miyuki was an average B student, and it seemed she pretty much had the pretty much average life of a farmer ahead of her.

When Miyuki was 10 years old, she found that she was much more than that, and quite by accident. Her mother had come running up the stairs and into the bathroom as Miyuki’s screams echoed down the hall. To her parents horror, and Miyuki’s as well, her bathwater had become frozen entirely around her as a solid Ice block. It took 4 volunteers, and many, many blow dryers to release her from her Icy tomb.

The village elder later summoned her to her home, and held out a small paper in front of her. Miyuki just merely blinked at the elder when he, or at the very lease least tried, to explain the workings of chakra and there many uses. As the word Ninja was brought up Miyuki’s eyes immediately snapped up to meet his. Following his instructions carefully, she managed to inserted her chakra into the paper he provided and watched in astonishment as it glazed over with ice.

Miyuki raced home, and immediately questioned her parents about her heritage but got nothing but a sad smile in return. Her parents told her they where just simple farmers, but now that was being thrown into doubt. Perhaps someone from her mother or perhaps her fathers side of the family where once ninja… that would certainly explain allot. Whatever it was, they most certainly where not going to tell her anytime soon.

It was than that Miyuki set a new goal for herself. She admired the many traveling nin’s that stopped by the mountain pass. She longed to make something out of herself, to be much more than a simple farmer ever could. To see the world, to become strong, to become…. Ninja! Her eyes glanced over to the scroll on the table for the ninth time that day. An application to enroll into the Hyouga Village Ninja Academy.

Her name was signed in delicate cursive writing at the bottom, next to the two blank spaces where her mothers and her fathers /should/ be. When she had first told them of her new ambition, they had originally shot it down. They deemed the idea pointless and too dangerous for her, seeing as she has a good future where she was. It took her nearly a year to convince them otherwise, and two more to earn enough ryo to cover the enrollment fee. But, finally at the age of 14… she was on her way.

Life as an academy student clearly wasn't as glamorous as she thought it would be, but with determination and confidence she soon found her calling in the shinobi world. During her time at TSU, Miyuki met several students, that through the course of her stay grew to be very close friends. She would never forget any of there names, and she could only hope that would see them again once she had graduated.

It was during a training session up in the mountains where she came across a small bear cub. Sent up into the mountains to train her power over the ice, she discovered the bear malnourished at her camp. After caring for the bear, they pair stayed together, and began rigorously training him to be a ninken or ninja animal companion. Through the AS years, the two developed an unbreakable bond, that will be sure to last for the years to come.

Miyuki's graduation was one of the moments that she would remember for the rest of her life. It was on this day, that she was finally recognized as a shinobi of Hyouga, and the first step she would take to achieve her life long goal. To celebrate her new status, she traveled back to the mountains from which she was born and presented her parents her headband with a smile. Her parents however... weren't nearly as thrilled.

As Miyuki recounted her days at the academy, and the events that took place, she explained of a strange illness that took hold of her for the last half of her stay. It was certainly quite odd. Miyuki felt fine at first, but as the months flew by she developed a strange fever that took hold of her whenever she was outside for long periods of time. Her mother seemed to break out into tears at this news, covering her mouth with her hand to stifle her grief.

It was then that her mother shared with her the knowledge surrounding her power over the ice and at the same time explained her mysterious illness. Her mother once belonged to one of the great clans of Hyouga, but ashamed of the clans history, choose to abandon her life and fled to the mountains where she started a family of her own. Wanting to keep the clans dark past away from her children, she took the last name of her husband and chose to keep the knowledge of the clan a secret.

Armed with this knowledge and her mother by her side, she traveled to the great city of Hyouga to locate the last few members of the clan. With the help of her mother, she began her education of the history of the clan, learning its deep roots and the nature of the clans blessed curse. Her training ahead of her would be harsh, but she welcomed the challenge with open arms.

No sooner had she entered the great city of Hyouga, now armed with the truth of her heritage, that she met up with some family members, by an odd twist of fate. She was practically drawn to them, knowing without knowing, that they where much more than what they seemed. It was on this day, that she met Kanna and Oketsu, who gave her poof of who she really was. There quick acceptance nearly made her break out in tears, and she has looked up to them both ever since, with the highest respect.

Soon after Miyuki found herself drafted into a genin team of her very own. Her team was an oddity, War, a boy with no jutsu, Shinji, her friend from the academy who liked to fry birds with lighting, and then there was her of course. The girl with the bear. At least, that's what she had been called back at the academy shortly before departure. Bear girl, Icy bear girl, they where all the same. There sensei was a strange man, and at first glance, Miyuki thought quite highly of him.

That was of course, before she learned of his teaching methods. From booby traps, spring loaded wire, stolen lunches, and fear inducing genjutsu, Yes, Blazestorm Sensei's training was one that took a toll on ones psych. Together, she trained with her team. Learning Kinobori while her teammate War, seemed to disappear. Her sensei took off soon after, returning with a replacement it seemed. And one she most certainly knew.

Why was it that the boy seemed to show up so often around her. Was it just by chance, or some 4th wall hax beyond anything she could understand. Either way, her new teammate was no other then the boy she met from the academy. It was under her sensei's guidance that she learned her basics, and was now further, if only a bit, down the path of the ninja.

But it seemed.. that she wasn't quite as ready as she thought. On her very first mission, she learned the hard way, that being a ninja wasn't all fun and games. She had gained her bloodline, but lost her faith and the mission in the process. She didn't know what was real anymore or who she could trust. Her view of reality had shattered, and forever altered the way she viewed the world around her.

The chuunin exams marked the coming of age for a shinobi, and she was excited to know she was close to ranking up, both in the eyes of her village and in rank itself. Her team, Team Blazestorm, or more affectionately known as Team Shunketsu, entered together with high hopes for a win. Things... did not go quite as planned. The first exam went flawlessly.. but the team was divided on the second.

Miyuki was placed with two unknown genin for the next part of the exam. However, after a short greeting, she grew relaxed in there presence. Sojiro and Oyumi where her temporary teammates names, and it was with them did she find that teamwork truly is important. Together they worked as one, helping each other for the common goal and securing a stone for themselves. It seems that fate had other plans in store, as she and the stone she grabbed was warped away at first touch.

The stone taken from her, Miyuki was in absolute confusion. Monkeys of all things. Soon the sky darkened and blood rained down freely from the sky! She was almost convinced that it was some twisted nightmare as demons paraded into the forest. It was only then did she learn the truth behind the exams, and how her part in it had helped bring about the end of the world. The world, now infested with demons, needed to be cleansed. She started her training immediately, determined to help make sure there would be a brighter ending to this sick and twisted day.

There always comes a day when a child grows up, both physically and mentally. And not that she wanted to admit it, Miyuki had achieved both. She had grown, filled out, and matured to a level that made many a man drool at her. The oncoming doom of parenthood loomed over her like the shadow of responsibility, and her priorities started to shift. She still had a duty to preform for her village, but she would never forget the precious cargo which she carried.

It was shortly after the chuunin exams that Miyuki sought out her cousins. The demons where slowly invading the lands, and it made her ill to think that they could even breach Hyouga's icy walls. Her reunion with her cousins was short however, as a would be kidnapper, known as Red-X, came to collect Dare. She put up a fight, not willing to let him be dragged away to who knows where without trying to save him with everything she had. She wasn't strong enough, and fell in defeat. They where taken to his employers base, and she found out that not all kidnappers where all that bad.

A strange and unique ritual, one in which that bonded one with the animal spirit that was hidden within with a seal. Dare was one of the special few that possessed such a spirit, and this group, this organization, wanted him. She relented, allowing her cousin to do as he pleased. As long as he wasn't hurt it was his life to live as he choose. She was stunned however, to find that she too had the unique properties for there seal. And out of the want for power and the ability to protect the ones she loved, she took the chance. The seal awakened the spirit of the bear within her, and with the help of Taro, she was able to overcome its bestial grip on her soul.

Together as a team, the group sought out one more additional member who was trapped in a cell within the underground. This boy was named Jiro, and at first glace Miyuki knew that he was more then just a simple boy. She afterwords departed immediately thereafter to participate on a mission of her own, not knowing exactly when she would return. This mission would test many different things. Her teamwork skills, leadership, her abilities, her patience, and even her diplomatic skills. The country of Rikuhi was slowly frosting over with ice, and she valued her Hyougaan linage every moment that passed by. It was by some miracle, that they had reached the source in time, but not without consequences. A female demon had forced her into becoming a 'pet' of sorts in exchange for there freedom. She excepted, allowing a seal to be placed on her belly. One of unknown powers with the assurance that she wouldn't have to bend towards the she demons will.

With the success of her mission, Miyuki then went on another epic quest. A quest to find her clan leader in an unknown land, with clues that where foreign and hard to decipher. She was glad for the company, Dare coming along to try his hand as well of freeing the missing prince from his underground prison. The trip was harsh, and difficult, filled with mazes, traps and puzzles of ancient time line. The lost city they 'found' was beyond her capabilities to describe. Together they spent many a day, and possibly weeks within it's walls, without so much as a trace. It is always said.. that you never find what your looking for, until your not looking for it at all.

Miyuki had been resting underneath one of the iced over trees, admiring a trinket she looted from the mission in Rikuhi. A noise above her, had her sprawling in snow. They had found Yonaka, or rather he had found them. With the offered blood of both the cousins, he was free from his bonds, and could return with them back to the surface. The surface where a war had just begun. The drums of battle sounded as civilians where evacuated to safe grounds. Demons where breaching the walls, the day of which Miyuki most feared had come true.

The battle would eventually be won, the combined efforts of the village defenders protecting the civilians and driving the demons away. But... with heavy causalities. Her mother was dead, and the village she was born destroyed in the demons rampage. She had been numb and her sanity slowly slipped away as she stared at the corpses that littered the ground. It was there that she gave birth to her son and gave him the name Vash, having to raise him on her own. With new reasons to become stronger and to protect the ones she cherished. She sought out to better herself even further, eventually even making the ranks of ANBU. After proving she was capable of teaching at the academy, she was eventually promoted to the ranks of Jounin.

Her first few months as a Jounin where far from easy. During the invasion of Hyouga, her old genin sensei had returned to help bail Hyouga out of one of its tougher times. Her reunion with the man however, was a stressful one. He insisted on finding out her gained power, but it was hardly a fair match. He was a fire user after all, her greatest and most hated weakness. It was sadly said that the match ended with a tidal wave, and a dose of defeat. Her sensei was right about one thing though, she needed to control that fear of hers lest it overtake her.. if it hadn't already.

As a Jounin and a member of Hyouga's ANBU, she was expected to go on dangerous missions. Though, she never really realized just how dangerous they could be till she got a taste of them herself. Her first mission as a Jounin ended with failure and shame, her opponents whipping the floor with her and her squad. It was fairly lucky that someone had come to there aide. Of course, this would have a lasting impact on Miyuki, A reminder that she was still weak and that she needed more training. Her next mission would go a whole lot better though, redeeming herself and reviving her confidence as she rescued two of her good friends from joining the ranks of the thumbless.

New levels of power also pave the way for more powerful techniques. But, with hardly any experience in jutsu of such high caliber, Miyuki would turn to one of the strongest ninja she knew, Hikaru. Little known to her that fateful day would take an unexpected twist. She had ventured to water country to try and convince him to assist her, in exchange of sharing the secrets to one of her own techniques. He agreed, and with his help she mastered her very first S rank jutsu. Though, the village was raided soon after. The wildlife was out of control, and so where the local missing nin. Thankfully the Sato defense was strong enough that her assistance went unneeded. Though, she doubted if she could have done anything anyways.

Then came the genin team. She never though she would ever find herself teaching a team, but it happened. And what a weird experience it was. Tina, Rei and Keishi, along with a pack of wolves and a tiger. Why she was chosen to lead this bunch of misfits was beyond her, but they grew on her over time. She thought them the basics, as well as a few genin on the side, and headed a mission to test there skill. For some reason or another, she even found herself teaching a few medic interns as well. Quinn was one such intern, and even though he was a fire user, he had grown on her as well.

Towards the end of her Jounin career, Miyuki began to dwell deeper into her ANBU duties, occasionally patrolling around the village in search of disturbances. She would participate in the defense of Nagare, and hunt down the missing nin that avoided his capture, eventually finding him by chance within her villages own walls. Killing him was only another notch on her belt and another file in her folder, though each death would only serve to fling her deeper into the pit of insanity her mind was descending into as a result of the experiences of her previous years.

The life of a ninja is not usually a glamorous one, and even for Miyuki this would remain true. Her life bonds and her morals would be tested to there extremes, but through determination she would always seem to pull through. Pending the success of a mission in which she was purposely sent to die, Miyuki came back to Hyouga with a new mindset and new goals for its people. After 'persuading' the council that she deserved the title, the woman would take that hat and the Kage seat for her own. As the third Aisukage, Miyuki has new hopes for her village and plans to rule it with all the guidance of the knowledge she had come to possess and with the iron fist of the bear.

Of course, nothing was ever that simple. After a short and prosperous rule, Miyuki would confir with her cousin and current Clan head Yonaka on a fairly important matter. The Ikemna in all its power and cunning could no longer be allowed to hold the clan to its every beck and whim. The Hyoujun where a proud race, not simply playthings for a corrupt god. And so, together the two set out to defeat the ice tyrants once and for all. And even though in the end the duo were victorious, it is a day that Miyuki wishes to erase from her memories forever.

Near the end of the war, the duo were tired, hungry, bloody and torn. The Ikemna was hardly scratched, but they had a plan. In order to save there people, they would sacrifice themselves and kill the Ikemna in the process. They locked there gaze one last time before acting upon there plan. Upon the beasts death, the souls trapped within the Ikemna ripped from its body and scattered across the land. The force so overpowering, the souls wretched from the bodies of everything in the near vicinity, including Miyuki.

She is still not quite sure how or why she regained consciousness, or how she managed to survive. Perhaps it was her will to survive that won out in the end, perhaps she would never know. What she did know however, was with the Ikemna's defeat, the lost city of ice would defrost. And all of its people, kin of the past, would return to the land and grace the palace halls once more. The Hyoujun were no longer a dying breed, and this was cause for celebration. But alas, there where still casualties and the Ikemna was proved to not yet be dead.

Yonaka's body was never found, and it would seem that a part of Miyuki would have died on that day. Her personality seemed to shift almost immediately, and certain jutsu she once knew where long forgotten. No longer did the bells of insanity ring in her ears, nor the fascinations she once had. But even though she may have changed, perhaps for the better, she herself did not perceive herself to be any different. And even though the Ikemna is absent, another might take its place. A thought that would seem like thier sacrifice was in vain. However, even so. The replacement would have to come to the undeniable truth, that they are not as immortal as they once believed. Returning to the village however, Miyuki was never the same as she once was, and retired herself from the Aisukage seat to take on new dreams and pursue happiness of her own.
Of course, nothing was ever that easy. The events of the great Upheval managed to destroy her beloved village and she could only watch with growing horror as the lands she once called home were torn apart by internal strife. Frost country had now all but been banished to the northern reaches, along with the majority of what used to be the Hyougaan people. Determined to aid the village she once led in finding a new and stable home she followed the congresion north and found herself coming full circle once again. With a new village and a new home, Miyuki is striving to keep the new life that they forged from falling into ruin. But in a world such as this, chaos always seems to rein.

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20/40 Inventory Slots

- Scroll containing Camping Supplies (Tent, Sleeping Bags, Lantern, Firewood and Food) [5 Inventory slots]
- Niji
- Pill Box (5 Blood, 3 Soldier, 2 Water, 2 Food) [4 Inventory Slots]
- Bag of Skittles
- Standard Med Kit
- 50 Snowflake shaped white painted Shuriken
- 50 white painted Kunai
- 100 white painted Senbon

- 50 Exploding Tags, 50 Fake Exploding Tags [2 Inventory Slots]
- Scroll containing 25 Cast Iron Frying Pans
- Scroll containing 100 cubic feet of crushed ice

- Battered Aisukage Hat

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Jutsu and Abilities

Bloodline: Aisumunesanzun (Heart of ice)
Can learn up to 50 D ranks, 40 C ranks, 30 B Ranks, 20 A Ranks and 10 S Ranks

1. Wind Release: Whispering Wind Technique [Fuuton]
2. Stop [Fuuton]
3. Voice Imitation [None]
4. Projection Technique [None]
5. Clear Lungs [Med]
6. Chakra Sona [Chakra Sonar] [Med]
7. Iryo Ninpou: Reiki [Medical Ninja Art: Cold Air] [Med]
8. Iryo Ninpou: Jun-Doku Kaihei [Medical Ninja Art: Semi-Poison Extraction] [Med]
9. Iryo Ninpou: Seiryou [Medical Ninja Art: Refreshing][Med]
10. Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone) [None]
11. Henge no Jutsu (Transformation) [None]
12. Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch) [None]
13. Nawanuke [None]
14. Hyouton: Zoukouji [Ice Release: Decoy Statue] [Hyouton]
15. Suno- Fure-ku Sankaku [Snow Flake Sensation] [Hyouton]
16. Yukidama [Snow Ball] [Hyouton]
17. Operation Theatre [Med]
18. Iryo Ninpou: Tomeru [Medical Ninja Art: To Halt] [Med]

1. Chakra Sensory I [SA]
2. Chakra Parusu [Chakra Pulse] [Med]
3. Chakra Tensou [Chakra Transfer] [Med]
4. Fuzen Dokunuki no Jutsu [Imperfect Poison Extraction Technique] [Med]
5. Wind Release: Great Cutting Whirlwind Technique [Fuuton]
6. Snow Waves [Hyouton]
7. Snow Hand [Hyouton]
8. Great Snow Ball [Hyouton]
9. Body Flicker Technique [None]
10. Ice Release: Cascading Storm Technique [None]
11. Kinobori [None]
12. Suimen Houkou [None]
13. Colorful [None]
14. Soft Paws [None]
15. Slippery Slopes [Hyouton]
16. Sunoman no Densetsu [Snowman's Fury] [Hyouton]
17. Hyouton: Hara no Zoukouji [Ice Release: Decoy Statue Field] [Hyouton]
18. Fuuinjutsu: Chouin [Sealing]
19. Patient Monitor Seal [Med]
20. Rapid Stitching Technique [Med]
21. Gyouketsu [Blood Clot] [Med]

1. Chakra Kyuin no Jutsu [Chakra Absorption Technique] [SA]
2. Chakra Sensory II [SA]
3. Chiyute no Jutsu [Healing Hands Technique] [Med]
4. Kaizo-Gao no Jutsu [Face Remodeling Technique][Med]
5. Chintsuuzai no Jutsu [Painkilling Technique] [Med]
6. Senjou Nui no Jutsu [Field Stitching Technique] [Med]
7. Ice Release: Impaling Ice [Hyouton]
8. Ice Compactor [Hyouton]
9. Wrath of the Merman [Suiton]
10. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu [Shadow Clone Technique] [None]
11. Yuki Yose [Snow Summoning] [Hyouton]
12. Hyourou no Jutsu [Ice Prison Technique] [Hyouton]
13. Hyouton: Hie Kaze [Ice release: Chilling Wind Technique] [Hyouton]
14. Hyouton: Hayai Aisu [Ice Release: Swift Ice] [Hyouton]
15. Hyouton: Kushi Asiu [Ice Release: Impaling Ice] [Hyouton]
16. Mizu-Gokuin [Water Seal] [Suiton]
17. Kuuki-Gokuin [Air Seal] [Futon]
18. Koori-Gokuin [Ice Seal] [Hyouton]
19. Nijuu-Gokuin [Double Seal] [None]
20. Stasis Technique [Med]

1. Chakra Sensory III [SA]
2. Chakra no Mesu [Chakra Scalpel] [Med]
3. Dokunuki no Jutsu [Poison Extraction Technique] [Med]
4. Wind Release: Wind Blade [Fuuton]
5. Ice Release: Cold Land [Hyouton]
6. Ice Spear [Hyouton]
7. Niji [Item]
8. Hyouton: Rogan Nadare no Jutsu [Ice Release: Wolf Fang Avalanche Technique] [Hyouton]

1. Saisei no Saibou [Cell Regeneration] [Med]
2. Ice Release: Furious Snowstorm - Hyouga's Blizzard [Hyouton]
3. Hyouton: Idaina Keibitai - Gurando Keimusho [Ice Release: Mighty Guard - Grand prison] [Hyouton]
4. Jutsu Shou [None]
Can learn up 20 D Ranks and 10 C Ranks

1. Heki Hando Aizu no Jutsu [False Handseal Technique]

2. Kogiiku [Cheap Trick]

3. Kasumi Jusha no Jutsu [Mist Servant Technique]

4. Kowaikao [Scary Face]

5. Magen: Chirudo Tamashii [Demonic Illusion: Chilled Soul]

6. Paranoia Wan Shotto [Paranoia One Shot]

7. Hitotsuoki Sentaku [Alternate Choice]

8. Push

9. Hachi Sasare [Bee Sting]

10. Monokuro [Monochrome]

11. Animal Speech - Bear [SA]
12. Animal Speech - Wolf [SA]
13. Animal Speech - Reindeer [SA]
14. Animal Speech - Penguin [SA]

15. Animal Speech - Whale [SA]

1. Genjutsu Kai

2. Battle Meditation

3. Gyaku Bijon [Inverted Vision]

4. Koori no Jutsu [Ice Technique]

5. Magen: Engun wo Tatakau [Demonic Illusion: Reinforcements for the Fight]

6. Magen: Kokuni Arazu no Jutsu [Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding Technique]

7. Magen: Moufubuki [Demonic Illusion: Blizzard]

8. Magen: Shuriken Arashi [Demonic Illusion: Shuriken Storm]

9. Nemuri [Sleep]

10. Soriddo Kasumi Buki [Solid Mist Weapon]
Can learn up to 10 D ranks

1. Enhanced Smell I [SA]
2. Conquer the Senses: Smell I [SA]
3. Enhanced Sight I [SA]
4. Conquer the Senses: Sight I [SA]
5. Enhanced Hearing I [SA]
6. Conquer the Senses: Hearing I [SA]
7. Ha [Edge of a Sword]
8. Karakuri Ken Tentou [Evade and Counter]
9. Kitai [Anticipation]
10. Janpu [Jump]

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Alright, I am pretty sure she is done. :3 Have at her!

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Posted 04 September 2015 - 08:10 PM

I'm not sure if you want to use spoilers for that extremely long background, but if you do, then there's that option for you. {spoiler}{/spoiler}


Not too sure about current language rules regarding accents, but if you want to keep them, by all means. :)


You currently have 12 slots filled in the inventory. It says 20/40 however. (NVM! I just saw the little additions)


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I could spoiler... but everyone should suffer the full brunt of her Majesty D:<


As for accents, I don't think we have talked about those. But its an accent so -shrugs-

They are what they were on her old profile. If people want to assume she is fluent in everything then sure XD

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I don't think there is a need for accents really. All the countries are pretty close together and most grow up in the academy with others anyways. LOL I don't even get why we have them since everyone spoke same language in the anime.


Rank: Shimokage, Ex-Aisukage, Retired ANBU, Medic



Just a nitpick but since you wish to suffer us with the full brunt of her majesty you should specify she is a Medical Specialist in rank :D

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If someone wishes to keep the accent, I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to. It's a nice RP element.

Doesn't Animal Speech take up a Gen slot? Except for that, I see no problem with this.

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Ryuzaki Yamamoto
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Misa Yamaguchi [WIP]
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#9 Enkou



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Posted 07 September 2015 - 05:50 PM

You are.... absolutely right o-o

I put them in the wrong spot (Is ashamed)


At any rate, all is fixed. Also, she now speaks whale. Why? Because this.

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Posted 08 September 2015 - 01:03 AM


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Ryuzaki Yamamoto
Bandless | Lvl. 19

Misa Yamaguchi [WIP]
Yama Genin | Lvl. 5

Hatsuharu Akimoto
Yuge AS | Lvl. 1

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