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[Academy Student] Nomura, Nao [Hyouga]

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Posted 20 January 2014 - 12:00 PM

Nomura, Nao




4'5 (134 cm)

71.4 lbs (32.2 kg)

Version One

Version Two

Nao has luscious, snow-white hair that she often has tied up into a ponytail that is held in place by a blue ribbon tied into a bow. She has always hated the idea of having her hair cut and only deigned to have it trimmed. As a result, when she lets her hair down, it almost scrapes across the floor. Even though this is the case, she continues to refuse to cut it, instead deciding to keep it in a ponytail to raise it above the ground and folding it up and clipping it when it reaches a length where even the ponytail won't be enough to keep it off the ground.

Her eyes are a pale blue, reminiscent of a frozen lake. The light hues are said to cause her eyes to glow in moonlight or in dimly lit areas to create a soft, ephemeral effect. When coupled with a gentle smile, it creates a calming look that many find endearing. Her ears are rather small and oval in shape making them easily hidden behind her hair. Being able to see them is very rare due to the length and thickness of her hair makes them almost constantly hidden. She has a nose that has often been deemed 'cute' and 'button-like', much to Nao's annoyance. Whenever she becomes irate or embarrassed, then her nose begins to twitch against her own will and she will cover it if it's pointed out to her.

Nao has a rather slender frame with a smooth, fair complexion, but this is often marred by dirt, cuts and scratches due to her passionate training regime. Even though she's almost constantly training, she manages to avoid having an overly athletic or muscular body, instead being quite shallow toning. This is mostly due to her practice revolving more around her speed and agility, foregoing much when it comes to physical strength.

Nao's attire remains constant from day to day. It's always the same clothes that she just washes on a daily bases. The outfit consists of a two-tone black and white short kimono that has been ripped and tattered with significant damage just being patched up with only bandage wrapped around her torso underneath. It's within this bandage that she tends to hold the smaller items she carries around (kunai, pills etc). Around her waist is tied a long, wide piece of blue silk with golden detail at each end that falls to the sides, which is also used to hold her large items, sepcifically, her fuuma shuriken. The silk is held firmly to her waist by a golden coloured obi which keeps the outfit together.

The rest of her outfit consists of a pair of short tabi, the right being black and the left is white. On her arms, she also has a pair of leather vambraces that follow the same scheme of her tabi and are tightly fixed to her wrist by a length of sturdy blue fabric. The whole thing is finished off with the blue ribbon she has tied in her hair to keep her ponytail together.

Nao is generally a calm and collected person, but she is quick to temper. She can control her rage to an extent, shown by the twitching of her nose when she tries to suppress it, but pushed too hard and she'll explode. She's been thought of as somewhat anti-social, but that's mainly because she isn't one for making the first move and doesn't very easily trust people. Her temper often pushes people away, taking a special kind of person to just take it and get to know her to realize that she's actually a caring person inside. Nao is also very strong-willed and stubborn. When she gets and idea, or has an opinion, she will fight for it tooth and nail generally won't begrudge other peoples opinions or beliefs. If she does, she won't apologize at first, but given time and space to cool off and think, she can be very forgiven and will apologize for her own mistakes.

Academy Student


Nomura Clan

Hyougaan [Fluent] Common [Heavy Accent]

Main/Favored Weapon:
Sharp-edged wakizashi with a blade length of one foot. The saya (scabbard) is pure white, tipped with a golden metal plate and the same golden plating on the koiguchi (mouth). The same' (ray skin) has been dyed blue and wrapped with a white ito (braid) and topped with a golden plated kashira (buttcap).

Side Arms:
Four Kunai
Three pills (One soldier, one blood, one water)
Two fuuma shuriken
Five exploding tags
Wooden box containing five sticks of charcoal
Twenty-five feet of wire
Sword maintenance kit


Fighting Type:

Fighting Style:

- Swordsmanship
- Concentration

- Agility
- Physical Reflexes
- Mental Reaction
- Stamina
- Endurance

- Taijutsu (Due to her strong focus on using a weapon, if she is found without it then she becomes near defenseless, having to rely on her jutsu because she can't fight hand to hand properly)

- Chakra Pool
- Accuracy
- Strength



Nao was born into one of the blacksmithing families of the Nomura clan. Her father, Hiroshi, was a kind man. He was always willing to extend his hand to anyone in need. He was a pacifist in nature, known to many as something of a gentle giant. Though many praised and adored him, there were others that took advantage of his generosity and took what they could from him, asking for discounts or loans without any intention of returning the favour or giving any money back. Hiroshi knew this, but still couldn't bring himself to say no. Because of this, the family was always exceptionally poor, barely able to afford the food they need to live. Sometimes, Nao's parents wouldn't eat for days just so she could be healthy.

Nao's mother, Azami, was the firm hand to Hiroshi's kind heart. She was the one that did all she could to sort out their problems, say no where Hiroshi couldn't, chase up debts where he wouldn't. Her husbands behaviour very often aggravated her, causing her to shout and scold him more often than she'd like. She was seen by the neighbours as a demon, a mean spirit rife with constant anger. This had a pronounced effect on Nao as she grew up, causing her to distance herself from most people and become rather hot-headed. Nao became a dysfunctional mix of the two; always ready to help and do what she could for those in need, but also getting easily annoyed to the point of becoming furious with relative ease, especially when people tried to use her or her family.

Growing up, she was told stories of her clan, of the wars they participated in and their roles through the generations. She became fascinated by the way of the Samurai and was often found practicing with sticks for hours. She developed a great adoration for the Clan head; Kenji and the antics he got up to. She found the story between him and his wife Yukina to be quite romantic. A wild heart tamed by the love of a woman. Over time though, she began to focus less on the romance and became enthralled by the action.

Her love for battle and the Samurai way was only encouraged as she started to hear the stories and news of Kenji's son, Jin. He began to hold both of these men in high admiration, wanting nothing more to be like them. Growing older, she started to think more on the stories and began to ask herself questions, only drawing up her own conclusions when no one could answer; why would Kenji leave behind his life at one with his sword? What was Jin's ambitions? How could the clan go from being such warriors to being blacksmiths with only a small claim now in battle?

It was at this young age that Nao decided what she wanted to do. She wanted to become strong, like Kenji and Jin, but she wanted to make her own mark not just in the clan,but on the world. It became her greatest ambition to raise the clan from it's lowly standing point and grant them the reverence and respect she felt they deserved. To do that, she wanted to show the clan, and the world that Samurai aren't just sword wielders. She wanted to prove that mastery of jutsu and stealth could be woven into the proud and fierce ways that held true to the Samurai. With that in her mind, she was set on what she wanted. She was to join the Shinobi Academy, become strong and make her entire Clan proud of her and raise them up to the nobility she deemed them worthy of.

Sample Post:
“Mom! It's almost my birthday!”
Nao screamed, stomping her foot as she glared across at her mother at the other end of the room, her arms stretched by he sides as she leaned forward.
“I wanna go to the Academy! Pllleeeeeeeeeaaase take me? Take me, take me, take me! Pleeeaaaaaaaaaassssseeee!”
She dashed right over, gripping onto Azami's arm and falling to her knees. Her head tilted up to reveal a huge pout formed on her lips as her eyes began to water, the tears hanging precariously on the edges ready to fall at any moment.
“I know, dear, bu-”

Nao was quick to intercept the refusal, shooting back to her feet and glancing over to her father who was sat at the table eating.
She moaned over, hoping to get his approval. She knew he'd say yes and that's what she was counting on. She'd been planning and dreaming of going to the academy for the last year, her every hope risen to walk in and begin her training. It was the first step towards reaching her ambition and she wasn't going to let anything get in the way.
“Alright, fine. We'll register you at the academy.”
She gave in, much to Nao's joy as she let out a high pitched squeal and jumped onto her mother to give her a cuddle.
“I'm gonna go pack right now!”
She was gone in the blink of an eye, powering through to her room, making it more of a mess that it was already as she started flinging clothes about all over. She emerged not an hour later with a small filled bag, wearing the short two-tone, black and white kimono her aunt had made for her. She'd never worn it before, instead keeping it in pristine condition, saving it for her days at the academy.

Less than a week later, Nao and Azami had arrived at the Shinobi village. They had close family that lived here and were willing to take Nao on and look after her, so long as she pulled her own weight. Azami stayed with them for the first few days to register Nao and get her acquainted in the village and in her new home. The day finally came when Nao would begin her studies in the academy. A proud Azami stood at the front as Nao began to take her first steps in. She was completely enthralled by the whole place. Azami took a sigh of pride, but also sorrow as she walked away. She wouldn't know when she'd see her daughter again, but was glad she was finally able to do what she always wanted.

A year later, and Nao was training dilligently as ever. She managed to master the basic jutsu, though she hand a lot of trouble with the Henge. When it came to jutsu, she was pretty average in her class, but as expected from a Nomura, she excelled in her sparring sessions. Before coming to the village her father had gifted her with a wakizashi that he'd made specifically for her as a birthday present so that she could always practice her sword skills and think of home whenever she used it. It was her most prized possession and she practiced with every day for hours on end.

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Posted 20 January 2014 - 01:39 PM

Welcome to the forum ^_^

All looks good from what I can see. I know you've said Kambei approved the backstory but just want to get him to post here for permission to use the clan etc.

Other than that, all looks in order to get going ^_^

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Posted 20 January 2014 - 01:46 PM

I completely understand! Thank yoouu!
In the mean time I might start working on an avy and/or sig.

EDIT: I misunderstood what the quantities meant for side arms so I updated it to be a bit more preferable.

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 06:36 AM

Yup. You are good to go on the clan part of the app.
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Kambei you're a cool dude.

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 10:59 AM

From what I can see all is good here.

Half Stamp from me

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 07:09 PM

You have a Background subtitle stuck in your ninjutsu section.

also, lol "buttcap"

But seriously! Have a Half Stamp.

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 07:13 PM

I was looking for that thing everywhere!!! >.<

Yeaahh, I always giggle when I have to use that! I wonder whos idea it was to name it that?

Thannkk yoouuuu!

EDIT: Wait...With Kam and Ni (That's what I'mma call you now Hiro. Hope you don't mind. ^^) doesn't that make full approval? :D

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 09:15 PM

Except it was Kiamaru who gave the Half Stamp instead of Kambaka.

Soo. :D

I now lawfully wed you Hotaru and Nao.

May your lives be filled with bliss and happiness as you work together to create a world for yourselves.


Forgot. :o

Post another thingy here:

So you can start RPing! :D

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