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Posted 30 January 2006 - 06:11 PM

Ninja RPG's Forum Rules

1. No Spamming
The number one rule would be no spamming! We will definitely not allow any spamming in this forum. When you spam you post a
meaningless post. We do not need any meaningless posts in this forum, it is a waste of space. Also posting a one or two word
reply is considered spamming. When your going to post something make it worth wild don't waste your post, give every thought
and opinion you have about the topic, don't posts things like "I agree" or "Yes/no". And what I hate most is when someone replies
to a spam by saying "Hey your spamming." That too would be considered spam. When replying, tell them that their spamming in a PM. Or
Don't post in a thread to tell a member he's breaking the rules instead tell a Moderater and they'll take care of it. Posting in the
thread is no better then spam itself and hence you'll recieve a warning as well. When replying to a topic, keep in mind to only talk
about the topic don't make a whole new conversation with someone in a topic.

Before replying, ask yourself this:
-Does my reply contribute to the conversation in any fashion?
-Am I posting anything other than,"Cool thanx" or "Whoa never noticed that" or the infamous "What?", "I don't care.",
"Agreed, thanks for sharing", "Troll", "n00b" if it doesn't help the topic then it's spam.

If a thread of yours has been closed or deleted, it has been done so for a reason. Reposting the thread or complaining about
it to Mods or making a thread about this will probably get you warned maybe banned.

2. Respect
We expect everyone to respect one another in this forum. My opinion is that you should give anyone respect as much as you
would give the admin respect. We won't allow any fighting in any posts in any topics. Also if admin or mods is to
give you an order, you must respect it and do it. Do not fight or argue with them. If everyone respects
one another than people can feel more comfortable coming to this forum.

No flaming other members. Complaining/flaming about the Moderaters, you will most likely be warned. If you don't like it,
get the hell out, leave. Yes, the Mods can warn or possibly have you banned for publicly complaining/flaming about them.

3. Double or more posts
In this forum you must not be allowed to double post or more. Double posting is when you post right after your own post
or even more. Please do not do that, just use the edit button to edit your last post it is more efficient that way.

4. Enjoy!
Our last rule is not a must but it would make us happy if you listened to this. When you come on this forum please enjoy
yourself. When you enjoy yourself on this forum it is more fun, and it is the more reason to come on this forum.\

Rhino is always right...and he's the greatest fighter on the site..

That is all for now.... Rules may be updated... So please check up on this once in a while... ^^
Mods may feel free to edit this...


#2 Guest_trey106_*

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Posted 10 April 2007 - 02:04 AM

what will happend to the spammer because i have a spaming problem

#3 Ino


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Posted 10 April 2007 - 02:55 AM

1. this is not a topic to reply to.
2. trey, downsize your signature ._.

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