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Ninjutsu List
Apr 14 2018  List of all Ninjutsu in the game.

Remember that the ryo cost and battle cost of jutsu can be influenced by Bloodlines and Elemental Masteries.

Ninjutsu damage is effected by two generals; a primary, and a secondary.
  • Primary general is jutsu specific it affects damage by 70%
  • Secondary general is Intelligence, which affects damage by 30%

Main Concepts 21 articles

Apr 13 2018  In TNR, each person gets 2 elemental affinities randomly out of the following list: Fire > Wind > Lightning > Earth > Water When a Genin ranks to chuunin he's automatical...

Basics RSS Feed 15 articles

Jun 18 2018  Some users have created their own tools/guides/databases to help you in calculations as well as other parts of the game. Try them out! Note: These tools are user made. TNR is not respo...

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Apr 14 2018  Specialization is an option that allows the player to choose which offense the Highest Offense jutsu uses.