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Robbing is a feature available only to outlaws. At any rank of chuunin/lower outlaw and above, you may be robbed.

Robbing works much in the same way as raiding. You can only rob villagers of the same rank or one higher/lower than you.

Success rates depend on the generals and defenses of both the robber and the target. The Village Rob Defense reduces your success rate, whilst Syndicate Respect will increase the success rate.

Attempting to rob another player can have three outcomes:
1. The outlaw taking some of the target's pocket ryo
2. The village guards step in to stop the outlaw.
3. The outlaw is caught and engages the target in battle.

After a successful robbery outlaws have to wait 15 seconds to rob again. Note that you will lose diplomacy in the village of the person you target. This loss is equal to 10% of what you stole.