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Respect Point

For staying loyal to a village, each day you earn 1 respect point (+1 to be exact). Respect points can unlock various bonuses for your character, from occupational boost to unique jutsu as example. You need certain amount of respect point to challenge kage or start some quests or tasks too.

In the same way, you earn -1 respect point for being in Syndicate. Needless to say, the more negative respect point you have in Syndicate, the better rewards, rewards which are granted only when you are an outlaw.

Attacking an ally can reduce your respect point and killing said ally reduces even more. Leaving a village decreases your respect point too. These can reduce your respect point to a negative value as well.

When you leave your village and join a new one, the number of respect points you have remaining is as follows:
New Respect Points = (Current Respect Points / 2) - 25
For example: if you had 100 respect points, you would be left with 25 upon joining a new village.
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