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Character Status:

Avatar: A 100x100 pixel (150x150 pixels for Federal Supporters and a 200x200 for Gold Federal Supporters) graphic representing your character. You may change this from the default image when you rank up to Genin.
Level: check your character’s current rank and level. As you rank up more features will become available, and you will face stronger opponents and AI.
Village: your current village.
Money: the ryo you have on hand and are able to use.
Banked: the ryo you have in the bank (cannot be used until you withdraw it).
ANBU: your ANBU status.
Clan: shows the clan you are in, if any.
Experience: your experience points, which are gained through training and battle.
Exp Needed: how much experience you need to advance to the next level or rank.
PvP Experience: experience gained from defeating strong human opponents.
Bloodline: your current bloodline.
Elemental Affinity: Your current elemental affinities (only visible to you)

General Info:

Name: your character name.
Gender: your character gender.
Email: your registration email (this only appears to you).
Married to: only appears if you are currently married to someone.
Character Activity:
The number of errands, crimes, and missions you’ve done.
The number of times you've been arrested.
Your battle statistics.


Health: your character’s life points. If it runs out, you will be hospitalized for 15 minutes. Or until a med heals you, or you bribe the doctor with ryo.
Chakra/Stamina: used for training and using jutsu in battle.
Regeneration rate: how fast you recover health/chakra/stamina.

Site Support:

Federal Support: shows if you have an active subscription to Federal Support, which helps support the website and help the game stay in operation. This gives you a blue name in the tavern among other features.
Reputation point ever: shows how much reputation points you have ever bought.
Reputation points now: shows the amount of reputation points you currently have for spending.
Popularity points ever: shows the amount of popularity points you have ever obtained.
Popularity points now: shows the amount of popularity points you have for spending.