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Basic Information

Avatars are pictures that a user can add to his or her profile. The avatars will be displayed when the user visits his/her profile, and will also be displayed on his/her public profile. Users have avatars in order to make their profile stand out a bit more. They do not serve any other purpose, or affect a user's stats/abilities in any way, whatsoever.

Avatar Format / Restrictions

Avatars are restricted to a certain size, but must always be uploaded in a GIF file format. This size may differ, depending on whether or not the user currently has a Federal Support subscription. For users without Federal Support, the dimensions of the avatar cannot exceed 100x100 (pixels), and the size cannot exceed 25kb. However, for users with Gold Federal Support, the maximum dimensions are 200x200 (pixels), and a maximum size of 100kb.

Buying Avatars

One way to find an avatar is to search the internet for an image in a specific size. Or, a user can download an image and edit it by himself/herself. However, certain users sell avatars for a fee of ryo. These users will generally declare themselves as an 'Avy Maker' in their nindos. DO NOT approach a user and ask him/her if he/she sells avatars, because it will probably just result in the user getting annoyed, and you getting blacklisted. Check around with other users to get names of some sellers. Here are some of the general costs for avatars -

Federal Support Avatars: The ryo price for Federal Support avatars typically range anywhere from 1 million - 5 million ryo.
Normal Sized Avatars: The ryo price for normal sized avatars typically ranges anywhere from 500k - 3 million ryo.
Note: These are just general price outlines, and different avatar makers sell for different prices, which can be higher, or lower. If another user offers to make you an avatar for a higher or lower price, please DO NOT use this guide to argue that his/her price is too high or low.

An 'avatar maker' will usually require a PM with certain details about the avatar you're requesting. These details may include, but are not limited to, a render, some text, animation, and size. A well known render site is Renders-Graphiques.fr.
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