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Item Repair and Durability

The more you use something, the faster it decays, right? The world of Seichi has no exception to this rule when it comes to armors and weapons. Always be aware of the durability left on your gear, and in case of decay, you know where to go!

Town Repair
Here, ninjas can put their items here to be repaired by Craftsmen. You have to make a deposit to do so and 85% of that money goes to the repairing Craftsmen, the other 15% is for the shop. You can only repair items you can craft. Repairing an item takes 1 Repair kit for that type of item.

Repair Kits
Weapon repair kits:

KitTime neededDurability it can repair
Copper Repair Kit10 minutesAny weapon with a Craft up to 45 durability
Bronze Repair Kit15 minutesAny weapon under 150 durability for 150 durability
Iron Repair Kit20 minutesAny weapon with a Craft up to 250 durability
Steel Repair Kit30 minutesAny weapon with a Craft up to 300 durability
Titanium Repair Kit45 minutesAny weapon with a Craft up to 400 durability
Radiant Repair Kit90 minutesAny weapon for 475 Durability

Armor repair kits:

KitTime neededArmor rank it can repair
Simple Repair Kit 10 minutesRepairs all Genin rank armor
Leather Repair Kit 10 minutesRepairs all Chuunin rank armor
Studded Repair Kit20 minutesRepairs all Jounin Rank armor
Steel Enforced Repair Kit40 minutesRepairs all Elite Jounin rank armor
Ultimate Leather Repair Kit80 minutesRepairs any armor