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Outlaws don't have a village affiliation but are part of the Syndicate. The Syndicate faction is constantly at war with all villages.

Syndicate Regeneration
(Highest village regen + lowest village regen)/2=Syndicate regen.
Leaving the Village

You can leave your current village after you've reached Chuunin rank. Go to Preferences to leave your village.

Note that when you leave a village, you lose:
  • Your house.
  • Your Clan/ANBU
  • Your respect points
  • Your Diplomacy points in the village you are leaving
  • The ability to train and use village/clan jutsu.
  • Your current Occupation
  • 15% of your Surgeon/ Bounty hunter level
Features Unlocked
Outlaws have abilities that normal villagers do not have. These are:

The ability to steal ryo from other players. For more details, see the Robbing page.

Outlaws do not own houses but instead camp. Camps gives less regen than houses, but it is free and you can camp anywhere on the map (except inside villages)
Camp regen is based off of your character's rank.

Outlaws don't get to do missions like villagers, instead they can do crimes. While they can do Crime rank A, B, C respectively as alternative for Mission rank A, B, C; they have no D-rank mission equivalent.

Features Forfeited
Outlaws lose certain village comforts:
  • ANBU
  • Clans
  • Home
  • Lottery
Similar Features
Even though outlaws choose to not be part of a village, they still have access to many similar features.

The Syndicate version of the tavern. Unlike village taverns, Rumors is available from anywhere on the map.

The Ground
The Syndicate version of the bank. Unlike bank, the ground is available from anywhere on the map.

Syndicate Loyalty
Depending on how long you've been a member of the syndicate, various bonuses are unlocked.

Syndicate members can repair items when they are in the Gambler's Valley.

Joining a Village

To join a new village as an outlaw, you must first travel to the village you plan on joining. Once there, you can do diplomacy in that village.

The amount of diplomacy needed to join a village is 10 x your base regeneration as an outlaw. Once you have enough, the 'Join Village' option will appear.

Your regeneration will be cut for 4 days after joining a village. Regeneration will be:
Decreased by 75% for the first 24 hours.
Decreased for 50% for the second 24 hours.
Decreased for 25% for the last 48 hours.