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Occupations are a feature that let you slightly modify your character. Stat boosting occupations are the most common.

Higher ranks have access to occupations with more gains.
  • Genin occupations give stat gains for 1 general.
  • Chuunin occupations give stat gains for 2 generals.
  • Jounin+ occupations give stat gains for 3 generals.
Occupation List


The following gains can be claimed from an occupation:
  • Generals (boosted by village respect)
  • Ryo (not boosted by village respect)
  • Player experience (boosted by village respect)
  • Profession experience, if you have the correct occupation-profession pair (not boosted by village respect)
Leveling up Occupations:
  • All users must start at a Genin-rank occupation.
  • Upon reaching level 5, users will have the option to advance to an occupation of higher rank (provided they are of that rank themselves). Upon advancing, occupation levels will be decreased by 4.
  • Gains can be claimed every 24 hours. The option to level up, however, is unlocked only after a certain number of gains are claimed (2 + current level).
Note: Occupations cap at level 10.

Special Occupations
Users may now select a special occupation in addition to one of the occupations above.


Bounty Hunter / Mercenary (Syndicate)

Occupation Penalties
  • Leaving a village causes normal occupations to reset and 15% of surgeon/bounty hunter experience to be lost.
  • Quitting surgeon/bounty hunter causes 15% of experience to be lost.
  • Being put in jail will reset stat gain claim and promotion counters.