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What are Clans?

A Clan is a gathering of like-minded ninja of the same offense (or should be) that work together to strengthen each other and their village. Clan members must all be from the same village. To join a clan, you must have the approval of a least 3 out of the 5 Clan Leaders.

Clan Features
  • 5 pre-made clans always exist in each village from the start; one per element.
  • Clan Jutsu (See below for more detail)
  • People can be added if 3 out of 5 leaders agree.
  • Clans get one out of a set of pre-created jutsu. An Upgrade is required to access it.
  • New clans can be made by the kage though means of spending an amount of village funds. Clan numbers are limited by the amount of users in a village and upon creation, the Kage will choose 1 jutsu that will be trainable for the Clan as soon as certain requirements are set.
  • Clan leaders can be challenged similar to a Kage. (will need to elaborate on that)
  • Clans with less then 10 members for 3 days will get deleted, excluding the first 5 pre-made clans.
  • Clans with less then 200 activity points get deleted after 3 days. Suspended till the userbase is raiding again.
  • Only clan members of an Influential or Elite clan can claim Kage. (suspended for the above reason)
  • Each clan has a private clan chat and public clan agenda
  • For each in a village, the clan of the killer gets 1 clan point
Clan ranks:
Starter: less then 15% of village average clan activity points.
Uprising: 15~35% of village average clan activity points.
Influential: 50~75% of village average clan activity points.
Elite: More then 75% of village average clan activity points.

Clan Points
Only available for influential (rank 3) and higher clans.

Clan Tier 1 armor reduction
  • 2000 clan points to activate
  • Resets every 48 hours
  • Reduces diplomacy needed by 15%
Hospital Reduction upgrade
  • 1000 points/7 days to maintain
  • 10% base hospital cost reduction.
Clan Ramen shop:
  • 1000 points/7 days to maintain
  • 20% cheaper ramen
Train Clan-related jutsu
  • 1000 clan points. This is removed from the user as soon as this user leaves the clan.
Being a Leader

Being the Leader of a clan allows you to:

Spend Clan Points
Edit Clan Agenda
Invite/Kick Members
Resign and give Leadership over to another member

Clan Jutsus
Effects will be based on the clans element, and user's specialization.