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The Tavern

The tavern is the place where you go to chat with your fellow villagers. It's a good way to pass the time while you regenerate, and learn more about your village and the game itself.

Important Things to Know
  • It reads from bottom to top. New posts are placed at the top of the page.
  • Using the "Quick Refresh" feature doesn't refresh the entire page. You may miss PM's or other notifications unless you periodically change pages or click the "Tavern" link to refresh the entire page.
  • Spamming or generally being annoying is a fast way to ensure your village doesn't interact with you well. Spamming is also against the rules and can get you banned from the tavern.
  • Don't abuse BBCode. Just because you can bold/italicize/underline/code everything, doesn't mean you should. Use it to emphasize important words. Code is there so you can show other players how to use BBcode. Don't use it to format your text.
  • Don't type in all caps.
  • Triangle symbol is for reporting a post that is in violation of the rules. Don't abuse it.
  • Book Symbol is for viewing the profile of a poster.
  • Mail Symbol is for sending the poster a private message.
Name Colors

Black - Normal User
Bolded Black - Village Kage
Blue - Federal Supporter
Silver - Silver Federal Supporter
Gold - Gold Federal Supporter
Pink - Event Staff
Purple - Public Relations Manager
Green - Moderator
Teal - Head Moderator
Red - Administrator

Note: While all the administrators are red in color, they each have more specifically defined roles and sections that they are in charge of. Please refer to the Crew List in game to view these.