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'ANBU' is short for 'Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai' (Special Assassination and Tactical Squad). In TNR, ANBU squads are created and controlled by the kage, though the squad leader runs the actual squad.

The Kage creates the squad name and orders, and appoints a leader. (Usually, the kage will allow the leader to choose the name and orders.) The squad's leader will then draft members. Members are automatically put into the squad if a leader recruits them, and can then resign from the squad if they so choose. If you do not want to be accidentally brought into a squad, change your preferences to not allow an ANBU.

ANBU squads' status are viewable through the town hall. Defensive points from an ANBU are received while a squad member is in the village, while Offensive Points are earned while the member is out of the village.

  • Squad members must be ranked chuunin or higher.
  • Squad Leaders must be ranked chuunin or higher.
Note: The Kage of the village may have requirements for making or maintaining a squad.

Features Unlocked
  • ANBU chat
  • Reduced Hospital costs based on ANBU rank
  • Access to ANBU Shop