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Pinned  Professions

Jul 09 2014 03:38 PM | Albafica in Professions

Professions are a feature unlocked at Chuunin. They are similar to occupations.

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Jul 09 2014 03:38 PM | Albafica in Avatar

Basic Information Avatars are pictures that a user can add to his or her profile. The avatars will be displayed when the user visits his/her profile, and will also be displayed on his/her public profile. Users have avatars in order to make their profi...

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Jul 09 2014 03:38 PM | Albafica in Experience

Experience is the first requirement for ranking up. To rank up, you will need the necessary experience to see the 'rank up' link on your profile; you then need the other requirements to pass the exam. There are many ways to gain experience: Training...

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Jul 09 2014 03:38 PM | Albafica in Profile

Character Status: Avatar: A 100x100 pixel (150x150 pixels for Federal Supporters and a 200x200 for Gold Federal Supporters) graphic representing your character. You may change this from the default image when you rank up to Genin. Level: check your ch...

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Jul 09 2014 03:38 PM | Albafica in Robbing

Robbing is a feature available only to outlaws. At any rank of chuunin/lower outlaw and above, you may be robbed. Robbing works much in the same way as raiding. You can only rob villagers of the same rank or one higher/lower than you. Success rates d...

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Respect Point

Jul 09 2014 03:38 PM | Albafica in Respect Point

For staying loyal to a village, each day you earn 1 respect point (+1 to be exact). Respect points can unlock various bonuses for your character, from occupational boost to unique jutsu as example. You need certain amount of respect point to challenge...

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Jul 09 2014 03:38 PM | Albafica in Occupations

Occupations are a feature that let you slightly modify your character. Stat boosting occupations are the most common. Higher ranks have access to occupations with more gains.Genin occupations give stat gains for 1 general.Chuunin occupations give stat...

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Federal Support and Reputation

Jul 09 2014 03:38 PM | Albafica in Federal Support and Reputation

What Are All of These Things? Reputation Points TNR's primary premium currency. They can be bought directly with real money, or from other players using ryo. Popularity points These can be earned through the smart phone mini-game Ninja Farmer (avai...

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Jul 09 2014 03:38 PM | Albafica in ANBU

'ANBU' is short for 'Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai' (Special Assassination and Tactical Squad). In TNR, ANBU squads are created and controlled by the kage, though the squad leader runs the actual squad. The Kage creates the squad name and orders, and...

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Jul 09 2014 03:38 PM | Albafica in Village

While you are part of a village, you have access to that village's features. The features are:ANBU SquadsHospitalShopRegenRob DefensesWall DefensesEach village has its own 'culture.' For example, some villages might be focused on RP and tavern chat, w...

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