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TM's Guide on Not Dying (v2.0)

Raiders got you pinned down? Tired of being robbed? Ninjascience has the answers for you!
In a previous version of this guide, the ancient Shroudian TM explained how not to die on TNR. Some aspects of his guide are outdated, and so this new guide attempts to offer you new insight while keeping some of the same core ideas.

Waking up in the world of Seichi can be a dangerous sport. If you’re not careful you could be pinned down by a zealous raider looking to climb the PvP lists, or have all your ryo stolen by a notorious outlaw! Here are a few tips for how to get your day-to-day duties done without ending up broke or in a hospital bed.*


If you are using the default TNR menus to go about your business, you are probably not having a lot of luck staying alive. You have a few options available to you.

1. Use bookmarks in your browser. Each TNR menu action comes with its own specific URL. What doe this mean? You can bookmark actions such as sleep, wake, travel, etc. and rely on these bookmarks to survive. You can also creatively use different tabs as a menu replacement.

2. If you are an android user, you can use the new TNR app interface, developed by the overlord Terriator! The app is free and can allow you to perform all of TNR’s functions so that you don’t need to log-in through your terrible mobile browser!

3. The Ragebar. Originally developed by players like TM and Mabish, the latest editions of these come with left/right menus, training/bank options, and hotkeys with autofocus features. The ragebar technology is a must-have for any aspiring ninja trying to stay alive in today’s world. There are even mobile ragebars for all you unlucky iPhone users. Visit the tools section of this manual for links to all of these!

I highly recommend Shika's ragebar. Many people's use Yaseen's for a supposed speed edge. But for a beginner, Shika's Ultimate Ninja Bar comes with an enormous array of added key-binds!

Hotkeys are the way to go! You can click on 'controls' in the top right corner of Shika's ninja bar and enter in keys for practically every single TNR action. Sleep, wake, train, buy items, buy ramen, missions, spars, combat, etc. The autofocus feature allows you to stay binded to the hotkey controls even if you click your mouse away!


Training is a necessary task on TNR. If you don't empty your pools, you won't get stronger. Unfortunately, we need to wake up to train, and there are always murderers raiders like Slayze running around trying to catch us when we do so.

If you are using the ragebar (which you should be), your best bet in to travel outside the village and train. Most people travel one space to the right or the left, but with these pesky raiders, you can never be too careful. I would advise you to travel a few spaces outside your village in a random direction, outside of scouting range (raiders sometimes have alts in the village and will scout your location. Man, these guys are feisty). You can easily do this by clicking your wake key, then clicking your travel keys, and then undergoing your training session from a random space outside the village. After your training is complete, you just have to use your keys to travel inside the village and hit your sleep key ASAP to avoid being sniped without any pools!


Missions are a little trickier than training, simply because you cannot wake up and travel outside the village right away. You have to take your mission first! You may notice that when you visit the mission page, you are further prompted to start a certain mission. Fortunately, Shika's ragebar allows you to set a key to do that, without having to go through the initial page. This one page could be the difference between life and death! Your methods? Click your wake key, then click your key to start a certain rank mission, and then travel outside the village right away using your movement keys. Don't worry about analyzing your mission task. Once you are a safe distance from the village you can visit your Logbook (either asleep or awake) and see what you must do for your village! Once you complete your mission travel back inside the village, use your mission page key to claim your rewards, and then your sleep key right away to avoid being caught.


Accessing the bank is another piece of tricky business. Notorious scumbags outlaws like Batman and BlackRabbit are always lurking around, trying to get their hands on your hard-earned wages! Lucky for you, Shika's ragebar has the answer (again?!) The menu option on the left hand side of the bar has bank features built in! You can type in the amount you want to deposit/withdraw or the details of whom you wish to send ryo to, while you are still asleep. Then you can wake up, execute your bank actions, and return to sleep immediately.

General Tips

Most of your actions will revolve around this ragebar in similar manners. Like I said before, you can set keys for practically everything. And you can also download and modify the ragebar to your own liking if that is your wish. The Yamakage Koro, for example, would heal himself right out of battles using his customized ragebar, and then revel in the glory of those who tried to snipe him and were totally confused! Once you memorize your key setups your speed will be unmatched!

When it comes to sleeping/waking, it is a good idea to sleep as much as possible. If you need to, ask a village Genin to post a scout in the tavern to make sure all is clear. Even if you are at a safe location away from your village, do not wake up for a moment longer than necessary. There are always prowlers and bounty hunters around!

Take advantage of all these resources that you have at your disposal! You kids nowadays with your fancy gadgets and your cell phones. Back in my day we ain't had none of that!

*Following these tips will minimize your chances of being killed or robbed. You will not be invincible.