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TM's Guide on How to use BBCode

BBC, or BBCode provides a way for you to format your text and make it stand out. This is especially helpful for Nindos, in which a plain wall of text generally makes the viewer lose interest. However, the same can be said for an over-formatted mess of colors, so don't overdo it. The syntax is very simple. Note that the spacebar was used to separate the letters and allow visualization on this guide. There are three main parts to each code:

○Opening tag:

[ b]

○Closing tag:

[ /b]

When put together, they look like this:

[ b] Text [ /b]
and gives this: Text.

However, some of the below codes, like Color format, and URL linking have an additional part.

○Opening tag:

[url =http://blahblah.com]
The url on the right of the equal sign is called a parameter. This allows the site to a) realize you're attempting to make a link, and :cool: have the URL that you want it to go to so that you may add custom text to the link.

So these would look like

Lol, Google

[color =red] Red text is fun![/color]

Text Formatting Edit

Bold text:


Italicized text:


Underlined text:


Colored text:

Only works in your nindo.

The URL Tag Link BBCode is kind of tricky, but incredibly easy to learn. As mentioned above, it has the syntax of: Opening tag:

[url =http://www.google.com]
Don't add any spaces like shown on the example, don't take out the http://. Everything after that is fine, replace with whatever site you're trying to link. Remember to close the tag with the right bracket.
Text, as in, whatever you want the link to say.

Closing tag:


FAIR WARNING Use these codes in moderation. Especially when using them in the tavern. Excessive use of BBCode in the tavern is considered spam and isn't tolerated. Limit your links to a word or phrase in your post, not the entire post. Same with bold, italics, or underline. Only use them to stress important words. Do NOT use them to bold/italicize/underline your entire post for attention. No one likes that, and doing it excessively will get you banned.

As stated above, the text color code ONLY works in nindos. Don't try it in the tavern.

And one last thing; when you are testing out a new BBCode, please, for the love of all that is holy, send it to yourself in a PM. Don't use the tavern as your testing grounds. Failed BBCode clutters up the tavern and can be considered spamming.