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TM's Guide on Events

Want to compete in events? Want to win that superspecialawesome uber new jutsu or item? Here's a few tips on how you can go about and NOT get yourself barred from events!

The Tips

DO not be afraid to ask an event staff questions about the event. Now, this doesn't mean going and sending them a PM 'lol how do I win eventz?'. If you have a question about the event, and not how to solve it, and not an inquiry about its prizes, feel free. They're glad to help.

DO NOT share event information with ANYONE. (Unless the rules of the event state you may have a team or partner. And only THEN may you share with your team or partner) This means, if you see someone asking, either ignore them entirely, or ask them to stop asking. You never know what an event staff member will consider spoiling, so play it safe, just don't tell them anything.

DO try your hardest. Even when an event seems impossible, take a little break. Sit back and relax, and maybe ideas will hit you like a truck.

DO NOT whine and complain that the event is too hard, or too easy. I can't tell you how many times an event has had significant meaning and the users just dump all over it. Please be respectful and enjoy what the Event Staff has put together for you.

DO contribute feedback. Well thought-out critiques and expressing concerns goes a long way towards helping the Event Staff put on a bigger and better show the next time around. However, 'well thought-out' is not 'the event sucked, I didn't win anything'. Tell precisely what you didn't like about the event, and for Thor's sake, be polite about it. It may be a forum, but that doesn't excuse trolling and flaming.

DO have fun. That's what it's all about. The prizes are a perk, remember that.