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TM's Guide for Rep and Fed dealing

So you've decided you want to buy Federal Support or Reputation points from another player. Or perhaps you are looking to sell Federal Support or Reputation points to other players. Well, here are a few tips on how to make your transaction smooth and pleasant, and to avoid getting scammed.

Quick Facts
  • Not relying on a Moderator to help you through your transaction is like running across a highway blindfolded.
  • Scammers are everywhere; even 'trusted' sellers can go rogue. Often, they build up a reputation on small transactions to pull off a big heist later on.
  • Staff members are rule-bound to not scam players. It would cost them their position.
  • If you get scammed, your ryo/money will not be refunded*
Finding a Rep/Fed Seller

Find a reputable seller. (If selling, post in the tavern every so often. Don't spam, please, and don't directly PM people. Most will be offended, especially if they're not looking to buy.) You might also look through the Rep/Fed Trade thread located under the Ad Board in the forum.

Ask in the tavern, look in the nindos of players with Fed or Reps on their account. Generally, if they sell, they'll have it listed in their Nindo.
If they don't have it listed there, and no one lists them as such, it is safe to assume they are not a seller. Don't PM them.

Verify the trustworthiness of your seller. Ask for a list of people with whom s/he has conducted previous transactions. Contact those people to make sure that the deal went down okay.

Using a Moderator as a Middleman

Unless you are absolutely sure that your seller is not going to scam you, you should ask a staff member to assist you with your transaction. Check the Game Help page for a list of the ones online. Moderators are not obliged to mediate your transactions, but most (if not all) will help you out upon request. Just shoot them a simple PM and ask.
If the moderator agrees to it, both parties involved in the trade should send the Moderator a PM with the details of the transaction. This is done so that the moderator can have a record of the deal and both parties involved, in case something goes wrong. Upon receiving this, the moderator will instruct you on how to proceed. Usually, the buyer will send ryo to the moderator, who will hold it until the Rep/Fed has been delivered to the appropriate account.
Easy and painless. In the rare instance that there is no moderator online, postpone your transaction. Don't let impatience get you scammed.

*As stated above, your ryo/money will not be refunded if you are scammed. The scammer will receive a disciplinary consequence, but always ask a staff member to assist to ensure your money is protected.