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Some users have created their own tools/guides/databases to help you in calculations as well as other parts of the game. Try them out!

Note: These tools are user made. TNR is not responsible for any problem you may experience with them. In addition, it is advisable to always log in through the main domain (http://www.theninja-rpg.com) when using an unfamiliar tool, to prevent your information from being compromised.

Creator's Username: Shikayaru
Ragebar: https://cdn.discorda...ate_NinjaBar.7z (Download for offline use)

Creator's Username: Yaseen16
Ragebar: http://yaseen16.com/...ols/ragebar.htm
Menu: http://www.yaseen16..../left-menu.html

Creator's Username: TM
Ragebar: http://www.tmland.net/tools/tmbar/

Creator's Username: Kayume
Mobile Ragebar: http://4ureyesonly.c...TNR-mobile.html

Creator's Username: Sorrow
Chuunin Mission Guide: https://docs.google....1-Sks1rc7w/edit
Jounin Mission Guide: https://docs.google....8NMXRMs08U/edit
EJ Mission Guide: https://docs.google....8DaXffOx7A/edit
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