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The Menus and what they do

Soo many buttons; whatever do they mean?

-pst, we can tell you but keep it a secret.
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Standard Menu

Displays your personal character profile. This displays your stats, avatar, and other character traits.

Your Private Messaging system. This is where any and all incoming PMs are saved. You can also send PMs from your Inbox.

Specific options for your account and messaging.
Receive PM's
Choose whether or not you want to receive PM's from other players. This will not prevent site staff from sending you messages or warnings.
Lock Account
Choose if you would like your account to be temporarily locked upon three failed login attempts. This is helpful to prevent your password from being guessed or bruteforced.
Allow ANBU
Choose if you would like to allow other players to invite you to their ANBU Squad.
Allow Clan
Choose if you would like to allow other players to invite you to their clan.
Allow Healing
Choose if you would like to allow medical ninjas to heal you.
Allow Marriage
Choose if you would like to allow other players to propose to your character.
Avatar / Signature
Avatar allows you to upload a custom 100x100 (150x150 for Federal Support) image to your profile. Signature generates a image that displays your account name and other stats for use on forums.
Leave Village
If you are ranked Chuunin or higher, you may choose to leave your village and become a wandering outlaw. This is also necessary to join other villages.
Allows you to change your password.
Allows you to create black- and whitelists, to affect who can or cannot PM you. You also have the option to blacklist people from answering your calls for help in battle.
Sensei Settings
If you are ranked Jounin or higher, you may take on up to three genin as your students.
Delete Account
Allows you to flag your account for deletion. It puts a timer on your account which allows you to change your mind within seven days. After that time, it is permanently marked, and will be deleted in the next account sweep.
Reset Account
Allows you to reset your account. You'll lose all your stats, ryo and bloodline and start over as an Academy Student. Spent reps remain spent, you don't get them back. This option allows you to start over without having to change your username and email.
You may put whatever text you like in your nindo, as long as you stay within the rules. Most users use it as a sort of biography.
Change Layout
Allows you to select another site layout from the menu.


Unlike the Standard Menu, this menu is passive to change based on your location or rank. Choices like 'Home', 'Tavern', 'Clan' and 'ANBU HQ' disappear when not in a village, and are never shown for Outlaws. The Outlaw equivalent will be noted in parenthesis.

Game Help
Shows you various options for when you need help with the game.
Shows your current Village Respect in all villages and Syndicate, as well as their village funds and total members. Not to be confused with Reputation Points.
Your sole method of traveling the map and visiting (or raiding) other villages.
Shows each village's current stance towards each other. Ally means 'Don't attack'. Neutral means 'Free for all - attack if you want to, but be prepared to defend from their attacks'. War means 'Kill on sight'. More details are available in the War System page.
Your inventory. Allows you to equip and unequip various items and armor, as well as carry special items and scrolls.
My Jutsu
Shows information on every jutsu you've learned thus far.
Allows you to search for a member by name, and also displays the 'Top 10' lists for all ranks.
Allows you to scout the area for awake players and issue challenges to a non-deadly fight.
Available after Chuunin, unavailable for Outlaws. Allows you to check the central hub for your ANBU, including a special ANBU shop and private chat for your squad.
Bank (The Ground)
Allows you to store your money in a place safe from the grabbing hands of Outlaws.
Battle Arena
Unavailable for Outlaws. This allows you to fight AI opponents for money and small stat gains. Useful for testing your damage.
Black Market
This is where you spend your Reputation and Popularity points for bloodline items and temporary regeneration boosts.
Unavailable for Outlaws. This allows you to visit your central clan hub, which allows you to see other members, clan boosts, and participate in a private clan chat. This is also where clan leaders go to manage their clan. A clan leader must invite you to their clan.
Available after Chuunin. This is where you can see the attackable players in your area, and attack them.
Scout Area
Useful to see all the players in a given territory.
You may run free errands to improve your respect in a certain village here. This is necessary for joining a village, and for earning special Tier items
Allows you to check the trading board for items that you might need, or to put items up for trade.
Profession: Shows information on your current profession, as well as your material inventory, pre-process materials and your crafting recipes.
Item Repair: Allows you to submit a broken weapon/armor you want a smithy or armor crafter to repair.
Unavailable for Outlaws. Run errands to earn Ryo.
Unavailable for Outlaws. This is where you go to sleep. Sleeping increases your regeneration depending on how good your house is, and prevents you from being attacked.
When traveling on the map, you will see this instead of 'Home'. Outlaws always have this, as it is their only means of sleeping to avoid combat.
Item Shop (Traveling Merchant)
Allows you to buy various items, including weapons, healing pills, and special Tier items.
Unavailable for Outlaws. You may buy lottery tickets for a chance to win the pot of ryo.
Available after Chuunin. Here is where you go to propose to, and accept proposals from other players.
Mission: D/C/B/A/S (Crime: C/B/A)
Allows you to perform missions for stat gains. See the Missions page for details.
Unavailable for Outlaws. This allows you to sign up for an occupation for stat gains, or to become a medic, bounty hunter, or sensei (Jounin+). See the Occupations page for details.
Ramen Shop
This appears in villages only. This allows you to heal your injuries for money, if you're not hospitalized. Certain locations on the map have Ramen Stands which cater to Outlaws and anyone else who stops by, for a slightly larger price.
Serious Crimes
Available after Chuunin. Allows you to perform more serious crimes for money. This will decrease your Respect in a random village.
Specialization is responsible for jutsu which use Highest Offence. It chooses which offense those Jutsus will use if you have more than 1 offense capped.
Small Crimes
Counterpart to Errands. You perform small crimes for money.
Tavern (Rumors)
Allows you to chat with the rest of your village or faction. You may visit allied villages' taverns, but be wary of raiders. You can't sleep in an allied village.
Town Hall (Syndicate)
Allows you to view your village's (or the Syndicate's) various statistics.
Allows you to train to improve your stats.