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Registering an Account

Welcome to the Ninja RPG! We hope you'll have a nice time playing the game; for that however, you need an account first!
  • Click "Read Story" below to find out how!
To create an account for your RPG character, click the “Register” button found on the right side of the screen. Remember: You are allowed a maximum of two (2) accounts.

You can specify character name, gender, and village upon registration. Your village can be changed later in the game, but your name, gender, and registration email are permanent. Your registration email is also used for password recovery, so make sure you don’t lose it!

Note: If you have a Yahoo or AIM account, you might not receive the email. Please create a hotmail or gmail account and try again. (The old account will expire soon.) Always remember this account. It can't be changed and is the only way to get your password if you lose it.

Once you’re done creating your character, press submit, and an activation link will be sent to your registration email. Use the link to activate your character. You are now ready to play!