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Stat, Battle and Training Questions

How should I train?

Choose what offense you want to use and focus on that.
Try the Stat Thread on the forums dedicated to this question as well as for personal help.

Why is regen so important?

Regen fills your pools faster, and therefore helps you train faster!

How can I get my experience up quickly?
Training even ratios of the ninjutsu or genjutsu stat, along with the taijutsu or weapon stat will yield more experience.

What do Willpower, Speed, Strength, and Intelligence do?
Read the Stat Explanations section in this very manual!

What is 'raid'?
A raid is when a group of people ranked Chuunin or higher travel to another village and attack and kill as many people from that village as possible.

When can I start raiding?
Spar your villagers and ask them for comments.

Why is it that my attacks keep getting blocked?
Your opponent's defense is considerably stronger than your attacks. Train your offense and generals more.

How much experience do you need to level a jutsu?
Normal jutsu: 1,000 exp.
Special jutsu: 2,000 exp.
Clan jutsu: 1500 exp.
Village jutsu: 2000 exp.
Forbidden jutsu: 5,000 exp.

What's the best jutsu?
No jutsu really beats another, it depends on the users stats, jutsu level, and bloodline.
Check the Jutsu section in this very manual!
The Bloodline Thread goes over bloodline jutsu. Or check the Bloodlines in this manual.

Why does my stun jutsu not have a stun text?
The stun text only shows up when you are the attacker.

How do the stat caps work?
The stat caps are for each stat, not total, so the cap for offense means you can have each offense up to that amount.