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Special Titles and Ranks related Questions

What do Kages get that's special?
You get to spend the village’s funds as you dictate, run the village, delete user's posts in the tavern, you gain the title 'Kage of (Village)', and your name in the tavern turns bolded black.

How can I become Kage?
You beat the current Kage in battle.
After you've become a Jounin or higher ranked, you can go to your village's Town Hall and click 'Check Kage'. You'll now find a link to Challenge the Kage. Click it and you'll be put into battle against the village's Kage. Win, and the title is yours.
You cannot challenge your Kage if your Kage is raiding or is asleep. Some Kage sleep for vast amounts of time in order to avoid challenges; this is called 'Kage holding' and is highly disrespected, even bannable. 'Kage Holding' is an impaired practice due to the PvP exp requirements.

How can I join an ANBU?
The Kage can make the squad and appoint the Squad's leader, name, and orders.
The Squad Leader must be ranked Jounin or higher.
The Squad Leader can then recruit up to nine additional members.
Members of a squad must be ranked Chuunin or higher.

Where can I get a sensei?
Ask around in your local tavern!
Although you must be a Genin to have a sensei under your profile, 'unofficial' senseis in nindos are common.
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