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Miscellaneous Questions

Here are a few questions that people ask when starting off on TNR, as well as the answers to those questions. If any questions arent answered here go ahead and ask us and we'll see about adding it in here.

Where do I download this game?
It's a browser based game, so there is no need to download anything.
FireFox browser may be recommended for its easy to access bookmarks and tabs, though this does not affect game-play.

What do I need to get an avatar?
You can upload an avatar when you reach Genin rank. The picture must be equal to or less than 100×100 pixels and 25kb.
To increase the maximum dimensions of your avatar to 150×150 pixels and 100kb, you must become a federal supporter.
The only file type currently accepted is .gif. As to preserve your picture's color, we recommend that you save the file as a .png or .jpg, and then manually change the file extension.
In order to do this you will have to go to My Computer → Tools → Folder Options → Hide/Unhide Known File Extensions. After you unhide known file extensions, you should be able to change extensions when renaming files.

How do I get a nindo?
You can create and edit your nindo at any time! Go through your Preferences and click on “Nindo”.
Nindo have a maximum length. To extend this length, you can become a federal supporter!
I was sent money but it doesn't work. How do I use it?
It's in your bank; withdraw it.

How do I take a Screen Shot?
Hold down the Control key ('Ctrl' on some keyboards) and press Print Screen (“PrntScn/SysRq” on some keyboards). Now open a program such as Microsoft Paint and click Paste.
Many computers do not require the holding down of the Control key.

Which offense is the 'Strongest'?

There is no strongest or best offense. Each offense has their own perks, the good and the bad. It's all about coming up with a good strategy for each offense using what you have available to you. Choose what you want to use, look up the jutsu's available and see which ones you like best. How do I increase my Chakra and Stamina? You increase them by training either one of your offense stats, or one of your defense stats. Taijutsu and Weapon will increase your stamina, Ninjusu and Genjutsu will increase your chakra.

How do I Increase Regen?

For ways to increase your Regen rate, check our Regeneration section.

What are the rank requirements?

For rank requirements check our Rank Requirements section.

What do Generals do?

For a list of what generals do, please check our Stats section.

How do I deal more damage?

To deal more damage you need to have a combination of a few things. You need offense, generals and jutsu levels, also a bloodline with an offense boost may help. Keep in mind offense without gens are pretty worthless, the same goes for defense stats without any generals to help against an opponents attack. Theres also items you can get, stronger jutsu's and more available for you to grab.

How do I send ryo?

You need to be Genin+ in rank. Go to the bank and you have the option to send ryo to people. The ryo needs to be from your pocket so make sure your quick about sending ryo so people don't steal from you.

How much experience does it take to level up my jutsu?

Normal 1000/level
Bloodline - 1500/level
Clan - 1500/level
Special - 2000/level
Village - 2000/level
Forbidden - 3000/level

Whats the fastest way to gain experience?

The fastest way to gain experience is the train the combo of Taijutsu or Weapon either offense or defense, and pairing it with either Genjutsu or Ninjutsu offense or defense.

Do I need to get an A rank bloodline?

It's not necessary to have an A rank bloodline, however it does help a lot. A ranks give quite a bit to your characters but thats not to say any other bloodline, or lack there of, cannot stand a chance against you. It's all about training to over come the odds if you don't have an A rank that boosts your offense.

How can I transfer rep points or bloodline items?

It's impossible to transfer current rep points or bloodline items of any kind to another user. This includes items that give you a bloodline (Ritual Dagger, Wooden Statue, ect) as well as items that remove bloodlines (such as an Etched Stone). If you want to buy rep points from another user look down.

Whats a safe way to get rep points?

The safest way is to contact a mod during the transaction. They work as middle-men and are happy to assist you if you have any doubts about a rep seller. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK STAFF MEMBERS FOR HELP. They are here to assist you as well as keep order on TNR. Talk to the person selling as well as the mod, make sure both parties are agreed on a price and nobody will be scammed and all doubt will be put to rest.

How do I BBC in the tavern or my nindo?
Check out our User Guides section to find out about BBC and how to do it.

What are the caps and why are they implemented?

The caps are located on our Ranks section. As for why they exist, it is to help newer users catch up to older players, so that you don't have that one guy who has been playing forever and in no way possible can ever be beaten by a newer player even after a few years have passed.

Why is there a logout timer?

There is a logout timer in place for two reasons. One of which is to clean up server space, if there are too many users online it will cause TNR to lag due to the amount of people on it, not everybody clicks sign out when they leave so this is a fail safe to that to ensure that people are logged out when they are gone. The other reason is an attempt to stop botting to a degree, so that a user cannot start a bot going and keep it going for 24 hours nonstop and causes the person to have to sign in to keep it going.

How do I become an admin or mod?

To become a mod you need to remember something very important, do not ask to become a mod. That's the first mistake a lot of people who really want to be one make. Asking to become a staff member is a surefire way to get yourself blacklisted from ever becoming one. If they're looking for new staff, they will find you, stalk you to no ends and figure out if you are worthy or not. It's a long process too; if it happens, it happens (at least as far as asking goes) and if not then just keep on waiting. Of course if you are asked you may choose to decline.

What happened to Horizon?
It was deleted due to issues with the War System.

How do I format my nindo?
Check our User Guides on BBCode.

What are alliances for?
Alliances are a part of the war system.
The war system allows villages to war with each other. Once war is declared, the object is to destroy the opposing village's structure points. Once they hit all hit zero, that village loses.

Can I roll a bloodline after using my free roll?
Yes, through the use of bloodline items.
These can be bought in the Black Market (you will need Reputation points or Popularity points).
Only one free roll is allowed, no matter what the circumstances. If you use a bloodline item first, you won't get a free roll, ever.

Does the chance to get a bloodline in free roll vary in different rank or exp or timer?
The chance to get a bloodline never increases or decreases over time nor it varies in different ranks or different exp. It is always the same no matter what rumor you hear.

How do I roll for my bloodline?
Go to the Town Hall -> Bloodline Clinic after you rank up to Genin.
Remember, there is only a 20% chance you will get a bloodline at all.

What's the occupation cap?
The level cap and gain cap are now +20.
You can increase your occupation gains with loyalty bonuses.

I went outlaw, joined my village again and I lost regen?!
It's not a bug, your regen gets decreased for 4 days.
On the first day, your regeneration is cut to 50%. From the second through fourth, your regeneration is cut to 60%
Temporary regeneration bought from the Black Market is also reduced.

I got stuck in battle/hospital….!
Before you post a bug report make sure you haven´t made a mistake: is it really the same battle? did you check the hospital timer?

I tried to … but it says you cannot access this page?
Check if you are asleep, in battle, or in the hospital.

I can't claim my levels!
Make sure you are awake.