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Game Mechanics Questions

Why do I want a second account?
Most people use their second account to make ryo. Whether this be as an Outlaw or to just run Errands/Small Crimes all day long.
Since SJ cannot attack Chuunin, some create 'alts' to raid.

Why can I only have two accounts? It won't let me register!
As stated in the rules, any person is allowed one alt. An excess of unused characters just take up wasted room in the game's database, and give an unfair advantage to the person with all the extra accounts.
To enforce this, any one IP address can only create up to two accounts on the site. If this is preventing you from creating an account, there's probably a good reason for that. Go to school, your local library, a friends' house, anywhere else and create an account there.
When you delete an account (and it is fully removed, entirely deleted and not just marked to be deleted), the memory of it will be removed from the database. Thus, freeing you to create another account under the IP restrictions or under the same email address.

Can I give away my account when: I quit/don't need it?
No, account sharing (and giving away) is bannable and will most likely result in that account's deletion.

Can I buy fed from other users?
Yes. They can go to your profile and give you an active subscription of Federal Support. Just be careful you don't get scammed.