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Text Based RPG: The World of Seichi

The great land of Seichi, also known as the "Sacred Place." Forged from the success and perils of the once-proud Village of the Horizon, it now stands with multiple powers in the pursuit of peace and harmony. In this Sacred Place, it is here where your journey begins.


The Shinobi University

  1. Special Training Facility,
  2. Esakanki Medical Hospital

Seichi's center for learning, it is the location of the Shinobi Academy for all villages, the Esakanki Medical Hospital and the Special Training Facility. Dubbed as "TSU" by many, it the first step for any aspiring villager to become a Shinobi, and the first stage for any Shinobi to reach higher, more prestigious levels.

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Fire Country

Covering the west of Seichi, open plains and dense forests span across this nation. The land is scarred with craters thanks to the recent disasters. While the country remains warm for most of the year, the north experiences constant snow and the south enjoys an equal amount of rain during winter. With little land for agriculture, the nation relies on trading and manufacturing for sustenance.

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Wind Country

Except for the occasional cliffs that seem to jut out of nowhere, the land is almost flat with either tall grass or deeply carved canyons. The endless green plains are especially beautiful to watch during summer. Towards the west, the plains turn into hills with denser forests. The land is much cooler on the east where the country welcomes cool winds from its neighbor, the Snow country. The scent of smoke hangs in almost every region of the nation.

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Frost Country

  1. Hidden village in the Mountain

On the central north of Seichi, this country is covered by almost nothing but snow-capped mountains and jagged frozen wastelands. Home to the highest peak, Mount Tenken, the nation is generally at a higher elevation than the others. The otherwise barren valleys are filled with beautiful wildflowers during summer. The freezing temperatures makes traversing these steep mountains dangerous even to those who are skilled.

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Water Country

  1. Hidden village in the Steam

The Water country is a group of connected islands present at the south-west corner of the continent. With bamboo jungles, waterfalls, and bays, this tropical rainforest is home to many natural hot springs and active volcanoes. The land is shrouded by a dense fog that is formed due to thick plumes of steam from the volcanic mountains spilling into the surrounding ocean under cooler temperatures. The islands receive regular rain and experience a long wet season.

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Sun Country

  1. Hidden village in the River

Spanning over more than half the eastern side of Seichi, the Sun country is mostly a sandy desert with mountain ranges across the north and west. The country’s primary water resources are oases. White-sanded beaches with crystal clear water rim the eastern coast, where the land is fertile enough for cultivation. One large river runs towards the eastern coast from the center, cutting through the rocks to form a canyon of rushing rapids.

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Minor Countries

  1. Earth Country,
  2. Snow Country,
  3. Stone Country,
  4. Lightning Country,
  5. Rain Country,
  6. Wave Country,
  7. Land of Silence

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