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Minor Countries


Earth Country

Harboring the city of Mei, which now serves as a tourist attraction, people of this mountainous country relies on large tunnel links for commuting around the northern parts as the climate changes rapidly with altitude. The rich yellow soil in the capital, Koudou, provides ample agricultural land and tints the rivers an ochre hue. The Great Crater marks the site of a formidable event and fragments of the land now float in the sky as islands.

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Snow Country

The land is covered with snow throughout the year, and hence, many seek shelter in the mountains. However, those who can brave the cold, work the fields along the southern river created by melting snow. Southeast tropical monsoons freeze into terrible storms of hail and snow, and the sea connecting the Snow and Wind countries freeze during the winter, allowing passage by foot.

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Stone Country

Sitting at the heart of the continent, this rocky country houses the Shinobi Academy and serves as a bustling route between the east and west. Sharing borders with five other countries, the nation represents a rich mixed culture and experiences the most dynamic climatic conditions. Apart from the fierce winds that polish the grey stones to a shine, the country is also subjected to the cold and snow imposed by the Frost and Snow countries, the hot winds from the Sun country, and relatively colder winds from the Wind country.

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Lightning Country

The newly discovered resourceful land beyond the mountainous ranges enabled the nation to declare its independence from the Sun country. Consisting primarily of foothills and mountainous steppes, Lightning Country is often wracked with storms due to the Spine Mountains at its center. The mountain passes between Tousai and Ichiba are dangerously steep, thereby making the sea route essential.

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Rain Country

Acid rains are a common occurrence here thanks to the great clouds of sulphur and ash caused by the volcanoes. This, however, does not bother the inhabitants as they not only continue to adapt to these conditions but have also started exploiting them. Being close to the mainland, the rain country is the trade hub among the islands.

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Wave Country

Neither the frequent tsunamis due to recurring seismic activities nor the scorching volcanic eruptions stop this recently independent nation from flourishing. Fertile fields—spared by dormant volcanoes—are cultivated, making the country the agricultural powerhouse among Seichi’s island nations.

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Land of Silence

Despite the large swathes of swamps and murky mires created by the recent natural disaster along the border with lightning country, the majority of the land of silence remains inhospitable. Dark all day and emitting no sound but the roars of the winds and the howls of distant beasts, these are lands of ruin, mishap, and death, inhabited by only those who need to hide. Past its shores by a reasonable distance lies islands that none know of and are yet undiscovered.

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