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Text-Based RPG


Rules and Guidelines

  1. Basic Rules,
  2. Advanced Rules,
  3. Lore

All newly registered members of TNF who wish to participate in the forum's text-based RPG should first start here to learn the rules, regulations and restrictions before attempting to create an Role Playing Character~

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  1. Weapon and Item Index,
  2. Clan and Organization index,
  3. Jutsu Index,
  4. Character Index

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RPG News

  1. Character Archive,
  2. Jutsu/Clan/Mission/Weapon Archive,
  3. Training / Rank Up Archive,
  4. Old Thread Archive

Keep yourself up to date with the latest changes, events and other important news~

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RPG Suggestions, Questions and Comments

Suggestions / Ideas for the forum RP Now also for questions.Questions are not for everyone. Side effects may include cracked skulls, burns, blurred vision and others. Consult your doctor before use.

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RPG Advertising Boards

  1. RPC Status,
  2. Clan/Org,
  3. Work In Progress,
  4. RP/NPC Requests

A place where you can advertise about anything and everything concerning the Text-Based RPG. Or you can find just about everything, if you want to join a Clan/Organization or try to make a plotline with someone.

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  1. Character Creation,
  2. Weapons and Items,
  3. Clans and Organizations,
  4. Custom Jutsu,
  5. Training and Acquisition,
  6. Missions and Events

Your Journey starts here! Create your very own Shinobi, Jutsu, Clan, Mission. Whatever your imagination creates can come to life here!

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