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Sun Country

Spanning over more than half the eastern side of Seichi, the Sun country is mostly a sandy desert with mountain ranges across the north and west. The country’s primary water resources are oases. White-sanded beaches with crystal clear water rim the eastern coast, where the land is fertile enough for cultivation. One large river runs towards the eastern coast from the center, cutting through the rocks to form a canyon of rushing rapids.


Hidden village in the River

  1. Shinobi Grounds,
  2. Clans and Organizations

Surrounded by towering sandstone walls, Kawagakure is situated on Sun Country's most beloved river. The village is built into the canyon walls with the life giving waters providing strength and stability to it's people in an otherwise unlivable landscape. Despite the waters that flow freely through the village gates, the Shinobi of this village are never known to easily let down their guard, nor are they easily deceived.

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