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Frost Country

On the central north of Seichi, this country is covered by almost nothing but snow-capped mountains and jagged frozen wastelands. Home to the highest peak, Mount Tenken, the nation is generally at a higher elevation than the others. The otherwise barren valleys are filled with beautiful wildflowers during summer. The freezing temperatures makes traversing these steep mountains dangerous even to those who are skilled.


Hidden village in the Mountain

  1. Shinobi Grounds,
  2. Clans and Organizations

Hidden deep within the hollowed out depths of the lands highest elevated mountain, the people of Yamagakure thrive. Used to the climate, the harsh conditions in which they live only make them that much stronger. The village exists as an oasis of warmth in the frigid land of death in which it's people call home. The Shinobi of Yama are known well for their ferocity, eliminating threats with cold ruthlessness hidden behind a polite smile.

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