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#573421 The Potato Reportato!

Posted by Guest on 04 November 2016 - 01:48 PM



[This is a brand new newspaper written by me and supported by top mods for the enjoyment of the plebs - Its read only so don't reply here or Slayze will be forced to do some actual forum work. He hates forum work!]




[Short Introduction]


Many of you think raiding is fun, many of you think raiding is great, but what you have failed to realize is that raiding hurts people's feelings. Raiding destroys people's families, livestock and property. This fact has given birth to this newspaper. Every issue shall report on the worst criminals of Seichi and their crimes. 




[Jimbob's Farm!]


Jimbob is a kind and gentle farmer from Shroud who has had his entire farm destroyed by two criminal scum known as Akum and Cedric. The farm couldn't really grow anything due to all the soil around Shroud being full of salt but gosh darn it, Jimbob gave it his best shot. Now reports from other ninjas claim that Akum and Cedric hate each other, nobody knows why. They carried this hatred of each other to poor Jimbob's farm where they threw chickens at each other, tipped cows onto each other, and even used profanity. 


For this cruelty Akum and Cedric have received bounties of 200 ryo!




[Family Crisis!]



There are disturbing reports that the 3 super cute sisters from Samui are having some serious family troubles. The youngest and kindest sister Yukine was seen pleading with her sisters not to go out and raid. Sasaki didn't listen to her and went out killing multiple innocent ninjas across all of Seichi. Hinata hugged Yukine and said she wasn't going to raid... she was just going to Konoki to pet some cats. But this was a lie, Hinata murdered 3 innocent Konokian boys who were just trying to roleplay for the first time. When I caught up with Yukine near the Titus statue in Samui, she told me that she doesn't know what to do, she said that Sasaki is so far gone there were 3 Pana avatars hidden in her sock drawer. That is super serious.


The bodycount caused by Sasaki gave her a massive bounty of 1000 ryo!

Hinata's was only 300!




[Terror on Samui Street!]



Many ninjas will tell you horror stories of an absolutely suicidal terrorist ninja named Angula2. He has over 5400 defeats but he isn't even slightly fazed... apart from losing an arm and a leg that is. Brain experts say that Angula2 doesn't have one. He cannot process basic commands like "please no!" or "spare my children please!". It is like he is possessed by an ancient try-hard spirit to keep raiding even when half his body is irreparably destroyed. Authorities have asked people to stuff scented candles into their pants, it seems to be the only thing that works because this one time Angula2 spared a thief who had his pants stuffed with stolen scented candles... everyone else in the store was in multiple pieces.


For this Angula2 has received 1200 ryo bounty!




[Notable Mentions]



Kendo/Stick tried raiding because he thought it was cool but he got captured by a bird and is now a part of a birds-nest. Many ninjas gather around the tree to pee and laugh at poor Kendo who is stuck up there. Birds are really good at building sturdy structures, I mean honestly how do they do it with their super tiny brains! Its frickin' amazing.


For this Kendo/Stick has received a negative bounty because he created a popular tourist spot. -1000 ryo!





[Current Bounties]

1. Angula2 1200

2. SasakiAlGhoul 1000

3. Hinata_OX 300

4a. Akum 200

4b. Cedric 200

5. Kendo/Stick -1000

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#549497 The Coming Of Core 3.1

Posted by Terriator on 21 April 2015 - 02:35 PM

During the last many months, we've been hard at work on Core 3.1; the next step for TNR. Dramatic changes and updates of the core engine have been finished by Wolfy. Many of these core updates may not be immediately apparent to you, the users, but nevertheless they have been much needed. The changes are currently located on our development server, and once we push them to the main server, we can expect some downtime (up to a day, but should be quicker)


Along with the core update, we had planned a series of content updates to go along with it. As always, we're behind schedule, and recent real life events have meant we are unable to follow our own schedule for getting these implemented. As such, we're going to change the plan, going from Wolfy being the only active coder to both of us putting in work.


First of all, we will finish implementation of the war system, territories, and pvp points on the development server - we have a set of testers to help us with this. The reason this will happen on the development server is to prevent probable bugs from screwing with the main site data. Once that's done, core 3.1 will be moved to the main server, and all future developments will happen on the live server - this because coding like that, in production, is faster, and it's how we've always done it here at TNR.


The plan is to frequently update the ToDo list in forum thread to constantly keep everyone updated on the current status of things. For now, I'll just present the headlines for what content changes are being planned - as we start implementing them, more details will be revealed, both in terms of what's to come, and what's been done.

  • Territory and Village Funds (100% done)
    • ​Updated village/territory regen gains
    • New village fund cost formula
  • PVP Points (100% done)
    • ​New PVP experience calculation
    • New kage/leader maintainance conditions
    • Battle template update/fix
    • Enforcing new mPVP conditions, restructure reward system (90% done)
    • Core 3.1: Battle system empty template bug
    • PVP Kill-Streaks (100% Done)
  • War System

    Declaring a war:
    Losing a war:
    If the aggressor:

    If the victim
    If the allied village.

    Winning the war.

    Surrendering a war.
    • Prevents joining or leaving of the village for chuunin+
    • Cooldown activates: 7 days war immunity.
    • Village at war numbers: X vs X+1
    • A village at war that has a player who is not in combat from an enemy village present loses 1 SP per minute.
    • All villagers have the SP values reset to 0. In case of a Call for Help situation, the new village will have their SP values reset, not the other villages. 
    • Declaring Kage gets tagged. If the war is lost, he is removed and:During a war:
      • Can't challenge Kage for 14 days after the lost war.
      • Loses 25% of his Respect points.
      • Loses 450k diplomacy.
      • If not kicked, gets jailed for 24 hours. Bailout is 15%maxHP*hours left, minimum of 25% maxHP
      • If the enemy village has more than 50% of SP left, he is kicked out of the village. Only the targeted village is counted for the SP. This overrules the Jail.
      • These penalties occur even if the user is no longer Kage when the war is lost.
    • A village can Call for help, or accept an alliance. Upon doing so they. They cannot request/accept if either warring faction has less than 45% SP
      Lose 10% Base structure Points. 
      Losing 1 upgrade in Anbu Squad, Hospital, Item Shop, Rob or Wall defense, randomly determined.
    • 7 points randomly reduced distributed among: Hospital, Item Shop, Rob/Wall defense.
    • Loses 5% of max Village Regen, minimum of 2.
    • Becomes a Vassal of the war initiating village for 7 days.
    • Loses all territories to the victor.
    • Loses 4 upgrades distributed amongst Hospital, Item Shop, Rob/Wall defense.
    • Loses 5% of max regen, minimum of 1.
    • Loses all territories to the victor.
    • Loses 2 upgrades distributed amongst Hospital, Item Shop, Rob/Wal defense.
    • Loses half the regen the caller lost. Minimum 1.
    • Winning village gets (250*losing village starting Upgrades) Village Funds. If allied, 25% of the VF will go to the Ally as payment.
    • Cannot declare war for 2 weeks after the end of the war. (Helping villages get this as well.)
    • Gets a 10% boost in village regen for 7 days. This is divided equally in case of a Call for help.
    • Loses 1 village upgrade per 30% SP lost. (Helping villages suffer this as well.)
    • Loses 1 regen per 20% SP lost. (Helping villages suffer this as well.)
    • Becomes a Vassal of village it surrendered to.
    • All other wars with the village ends. This counts as a win for those villages.
    • Loses all territories to the victor.
    • Loses 1 upgrades distributed amongst Hospital, Item Shop, Rob/Wal defense for each 10% SP lost.
    • Loses 1 regen for every 20% SP lost.
  • Terriator test of war system (~1/2 day) 
  • Setting up Core 3.1 system for beta test
  • Admin panel updates (70% done)
    • ​Content staff panel updates
    • Admin panel updates
    • Head mod panel updates
    • Account deletion fix
    • Account creation email fix
    • Deletion of user records
  • Beta test test of war system (~1 week)
  • Core 3.1 transfer to main site
  • Reputation and Fed Support Updates
    • Regen boosts

      7 Days - Current prices

      15 days - 1 day extra compared to the 1 week

      30 days - 2 days extra and a 10 rep discount compared to the 1 week

      Federal Support

      Element reroll
      5 rep option allows re-rolling of the users Primary or Secondary element. This only works if the user has no bloodline or if the user has no bloodline that sets elemental affinities.
      Like Bloodlines the same element can't be rolled again until the cycle is complete. A secondary element cannot become the same as the main.

      Village switching
      A user would instantly switch to another village of choice for a price of 30 reputation points. This would work like normal Mod-jumping, so they get no penalties.

      Users would have to:

      Reputation Points Purchases.
      200 reputation points - 125 dollar
      500 reputation points - 300 dollar

      • Minor Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 15 for 7 days - 25 pts
      • Moderate Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 20 for 7 days - 30 pts
      • Major Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 25 for 7 days - 35 pts
      • Giant Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 30 for 7 days - 40 pt
      • Minor Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 15 for 7 days - 50 pts
      • Moderate Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 20 for 7 days - 60 pts
      • Major Regen  -Increases your regen. rate by 25 for 7 days - 70 pts
      • Giant Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 30 for 7 days - 80 pts
      • Minor Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 15 for 7 days - 90 pts
      • Moderate Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 20 for 7 days - 110 pts
      • Major Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 25 for 7 days - 130 pts
      • Giant Regen - Increases your regen. rate by 30 for 7 days - 150 pts
      • Move the extra Jutsu slots to Silver
      • Add +25 PM inbox size to Gold
      • Allow upgrading of Federal Support.
      • Allow people to select the color they want out of Available feds. IE a gold fed user can choose whether he will be Gold, Silver or Blue through Preferences.
      • Instead of Yes, user profiles will show which Federal Support they bought.
      • Leave their clan.
      • Leave their anbu.
      • Be at least chuunin.
      • Boot all their students.
      • Cancel any active Global Market trade.
      • Additional feature: Spouse jumping. 55 reputation points. This would move the buyer AND the buyers wife/husband to the selected village. Both characters must meet the above criteria.
      • A toggle on/toggle of Admin panel function. This service shouldn't be permanently available.
  • New Battle Formula (10%)
  • Mirror Arena
  • Split Inventory
  • Oceanic Squares
  • White/Black-list Updates
  • Trade and Grand Market Updates
  • Aesthetic and Quality of Life Updates (New developers)
  • Unified staff panel update

Above list is not ordered, and will be updated according to how we've prioritised the different updates. 


For now, I'll keep this thread closed, but I might open it up once we're a bit further along.

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#573488 The Potato Reportato!

Posted by Guest on 07 November 2016 - 04:11 PM



[The Cow Conspiracy]


Jimbob has bought some more livestock after many donations from honest good-working ninjas who felt sorry for him. He managed to buy 3 beautiful cows from Cowgirl... but for some reason Cowgirl reported him to the authorities for no reason! When I tried to find Cowgirl for comment I noticed Akum and Cedric receiving secret orders and funds to continue ruining people's farms with their fake fights... This is a massive reveal that you won't find on any other newspaper.

Akum and Cedric receive +500 ryo bounty.
[Candle Shortage]
In the first edition of this great newspaper I told people to stuff their pants with scented candles in order to protect themselves against Angula2. Well this has caused a massive shortage on scented candles in all the villages. Kages are going to have a meeting in order to find a suitable solution for this problem because in the village of Silence, candles are used for various bondage activities and the village of Konoki is risking starvation because 89% of their population eat candles.




[Kage Raids]


Many villagers were angry with my newspaper for not reporting on all the Kages that raid constantly. Well the reason I do not do this is because Kages are innocent. The true blame lays with Pana-God! Through his decree Kages are forced to kill people every day and night in order to stay employed. So in order to appease all the angry victims of Kage violence, all Kage bounties will be give to Pana-God.

Pana receives +3400 ryo bounty.
[Drinking Problems]
Speaking of Kages, the village of Samui has expressed concern over their Kage's drinking problems. YellowFlash is constantly face down inside a toilet. His Kage office is full of empty bottles and broken dreams. This is no way for a Kage to behave. He is bringing shame on all the great Samui kages like... like... Titus... yeah Titus. I hope the villagers will launch an intervention and save that poor son of a bitch. 
Pana receives +200 bounty for this. 
[Picnic of Death]
A family was recently in the Konoki forest having a picnic. The father Matthew was an accountant from Silence, you might remember him from the time he saved some money or something... anyway his wife Shandra and son Buk Lao were super excited to eat food in the forest that none of them noticed what was lurking in the bushes. Suddenly a sharpened bone projectile struck Matthew in the shoulder and pinned him to a tree. His wife and child screamed and turned to see who threw it. 'twas Angula, the terror of Seichi! He sniffed the ground like a dog and approached the wife and son. Matthew was screaming and struggling to get free but he couldn't, he had to watch as Angula bit Buk Lao in the neck and tossed him around like a rag doll. Shandra tried to run but Angula was on her in seconds... he started eating her hair while it was still attached to her head... The screams of pain and horror could be heard for many acres. After Matthew's wife and kid got eaten... Angula approached him... and force-fed him the potato pie that his wife brought to the picnic... Matthew told me all this in the hospital after his shoulder transplant. He is sad that he will never hear Buk Lao's laughter, or taste Shandra's pie ever again.
Angula2 receives 600 ryo bounty for this!
[The Shine Sadist]
Reports from Shine are that Teni is a massive sadist who beats her students. Her student Yoichi has spent 300 days in hospital this past year. Every time Yoichi is healed she kicks him in the shin and slams his ears with the palms of her hands. But that's just her greeting. You might notice that Teni only has 2 students... the third one has disappeared because he asked her to return the kage hat after she got fired. Who will stop this sadist? Will Ryukon ever get the hat? Find out later...
Teni receives 400 ryo bounty.
[Notable Mentions pt.2]
The bird that used Kendo/Stick as construction material for its nest has given birth to some cute little birdies who have taken a liking to Kendo's tip. They have began shaping it into a soft round surface as they wait for their mother to bring food. Unfortunately all the urinating by the visitors has caused serious acidic damage to the tree trunk so the mother bird took her kids and flew to another tree. Poor Kendo was all alone up there when his pee tree fell over and he was sent flying into a river. After a few hours of floating Kendo/Stick was picked up by a curious "little" 16 yearold lass down in Shine named Svetlana Zankoku... Zankoku's daughter... We do not know what she did with Kendo/Stick the following night but neighbors report that moans were heard from her room.
Kendo receives -400 ryo bounty for bringing pleasure to a super ugly girl.
[Current Bounties]
1. Pana 3600

2. Angula2 1800

3. SasakiAlGhoul 1000

4a. Akum 700

4b. Cedric 700

5. Teni 400

6. Hinata_OX 300

7. Kendo/Stick -1400




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#567441 Rules to War

Posted by Authiel on 29 March 2016 - 11:43 PM

1st RULE: You do not talk about WAR.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about WAR.
3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, tap out the WAR is over.
4th RULE: Only two villages to a WAR.
5th RULE: One WAR at a time.
6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.
7th RULE: WARS will go on as long as they have to.
8th RULE: If this is your first night at WAR, you HAVE to RAID.
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#574733 Concept Art Contest - FB Banner

Posted by Saber on 06 January 2017 - 02:47 AM

Game Name: SaberTooth




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#570868 Chuunin AoEs

Posted by Samiam on 19 August 2016 - 07:51 PM

The official release date for Chuunin AoE skills will be Friday, August 26th, 2016. That's just a week away from today.


A bit more info about the new jutsus:


  • There will only be new jutsus for the Chuunin rank
  • The new jutsus will be classed as Special jutsus
  • There will be 1 new aoe for each element and each offense (20 new jutsus in total)
  • There will not be a non-elemental aoe
  • They will cost 37500+125*level ryo to level up


If you have any other questions about these jutsus, feel free to ask, we'll answer them to the best of our ability 

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#563138 "Fresh Player" Guide

Posted by Purringles on 10 January 2016 - 12:08 AM

A guide for beginners is something that everyone is suppose to guide themselves from so I'l try and be as precise as I can while also trying to keep it simple for you guys.







You've probably noticed that on the left hand side of your layout there are 3 different coloured bars, Health, Chakra and Stamina. These are your main resources for training and surviving. You spend your Chakra and Stamina to increase your offenses and your defenses, each time you train while using either of those resources, they will increase its maximum pool, allowing for more training to be done in the future.





So start putting those resources to good use, start by training only defensive skills evenly. The reason for this being that later on in the game, you might get assigned a Bloodline to your character, which can have a varied Offense to the one you might start training. Try to maintain your balance of chakra and stamina training even, Genjutsu and Ninjutsu utilise Chakra while Taijutsu and Bukijutsu (Weapon) utilises Stamina.





You must fulfil the requirements of a Logbook to be able to advance to the next level of your rank.

To do this, simply access your logbook via the Profile menu, and check under Orders, if the order is Active then you have not fulfilled the requirements to complete it, if it's Completed then you should be able to advance to the next level. Note that if you know that you need X to complete X order, you must still visit the Logbook prior to Lvling up in order to change the Status of the Logbook from Active to Completed.


So let's start by training those defenses all the way up until you reach level 5 in Academy Student. The reason for this is because you get an increase to your Chakra and Stamina pools which will help you out in training bigger amounts with less time spent looking at your pools. Don't forget to completely empty your pools before Lvling up, as they fill up once you level up.


You will also want to do extra errands with the free pools you get from Lvling up, as you will need them to train your 3 first Academy Student jutsus to level 5. NO MORE THEN LEVEL 5. I'd suggest using the pools from Lvl 1 - 3 for Errands, as it should give you enough Ryo for all the jutsus.


Also don't forget to pickup the Academy Student's and Genin's favourite partner. THE SENBON!!

Under the Town Hall menu, visit the Item Shop and click the Item subcategory to be able to purchase Senbons, you will need them to fight those cats in later Logbooks. ( Those poor kitties ;__; )

Don't forget to not train any offense as an Academy Student, as you will not need it.


Here are the current Logbook orders for Academy Student:




Once you complete them all you have made your way to the rank of Genin. Goodjob minion ninja!








Ok so now that you have turned Genin, the first thing you will want to do is check for a Bloodline.





Go to the Village menu and click on Town Hall, followed by Bloodline Clinic, to get yourself tested for a Bloodline. Note that the chances of earning a bloodline in this first free roll are very small, but there are other ways of getting a bloodline, such as buying it yourself via the use of Reputation Points or having another player buy it for you via Donating Reputation points for you (normally done via a Ryo transfer, prices depend on seller). 


Certain Bloodlines enhance different offenses, so if you got one that increases Ninjutsu, then it is advisable to train that offense to maximise your damage and effectiveness with the Bloodline. However if you get "None", you can always train whatever Offense would suit you best!


Here is a list of bloodlines ranking from D , C , B , A and S. http://www.theninja-...pts/bloodlines/





Now that you're a Genin, you have access to D Rank missions, missions are your main way of getting HP. They have a 30 minute cooldown and are a must for any aspiring player.

Buy max stock of Senbon, Blunt Dart. Dont forget a pointy stick or two!

  • "Senbon" will kill almost any AI of this rank one hit. Besides Below AI
  • Komodos which are killed with a "Pointy stick" One hit!
  • Black Komodos (D Rank Mission AI) Is one hit by the "Blunt Darts"!

Some D rank missions have unique AI depending on the Village you start from, so asking for some pointers on what the AI is weak against from your fellow villagers is not only advisable but also a good way to start making your presence known as a new Genin to your village.





Now comes what most of you should be here for during the Genin rank, do you rank up asap like AS, or do you Level hold? In my honest opinion it comes down to the user and how they would wish to play it out.


Some people still ask why Level holding is important, and here's why... each time you level up you will be given a free refill of your Chakra and Stamina Pools, it's more beneficial to a player to have these pools refilled with the more amount of Chakra and Stamina the pools can hold.


But overall you have two choices...


Option 1:


Rush to Chuunin as fast as possible, but don't level up, stay as a lvl 1 Genin. Once you are close to 2m exp (the amount of exp required to rank to Chuunin), you can start Lvling up to 10. But only Lvl up on Wednesdays during Double Training Gains. This way you will experience a faster climb in experience but will be sent to the PvP scenes faster then normal.



Option 2:


Get your Chakra and Stamina pools capped to 30k. Also not Lvling up, staying as a lvl 1 Genin, once you cap your pools you will wait until Wednesdays during Double Training Gains and then rank up to Chuunin. This way you will take slightly longer to reach Chuunin but once you rank up you will have slightly more Stats then other players at your experience.



Both options are viable and have their own Pros and Cons. It all comes down to personal preference, if you want to get stronger faster go for option 1, if you don't mind waiting slightly longer but have a smaller strength gap to players around your experience go for option 2.





Here are the Logbook orders for Genins:




Genin is a rank of patience. It takes dedication and perseverance but now you can rank up to Chuunin... and that's when the real "fun" begins.

For more information, you can also check out this link by Halcyon










Chuunin is all about surviving... and this part of the guide here will help you with it. Read carefully.



Waking up/Sleeping


By now you should be aware that there's an option to sleep for extra regen, it's not as important as a Genin to be cautious of what status you are in, but as a Chuunin, being "awake" will allow other Chuunin and Jounin players to target you in a PvP battle, you can prevent this by sleeping when you have no need to perform another action that requires you to stay awake again, you are most vulnerable when awake on a village.


Don't keep any extra Ryo at hand, start using the Bank more often as the game also has Outlaws which can not only engage in PvP with you, but Rob you of your Ryo as well.





You might not know what this is but in the map of Seichi, each village controls a certain amount of territories, these territories means that you can scout within the area and see players approaching even before they reach the spot/square you are currently on, example... Scouting from 11.19 as a Samuian allows you to view players approaching the Village, or surrounding locations. These territories are represented by colours. Konoki, Samui, Shine, Shroud, Silence, Syndicate.



Training and Missions


Normally you would just train as soon as you saw your pools filling, but as we mentioned above you will have to wake up to do this... putting you at risk of being engaged in a PvP battle with someone most likely stronger than you. Players can only gain PvP exp from kills on a Village so to prevent yourself from being targeted by those players move out of the village 1 - 2 steps, within your territory and do your training there, you can also scout from within your territory borders to see if there's any approaching enemies, or any current enemies at your village. If there are none, this is a good time to go back into your village, and if possible pickup a mission, otherwise go back to sleep, remember that Elite Jounin's can't attack you so if you see one of them while scouting don't be afraid.


Also don't forget that you are given the option to Vote for extra pools everyday.



When it comes to missions, most of you are probably eager to jump right into the C Rank missions, well here's the minimum requirements  you will need to be able to complete all of them:


HP:                20,000

Offense:        15,000

Defense:       5,000 in each Defense

Chuunin Jutsus


As for the locations of these missions, here's a guide from Silence's very own Mituche about it: http://w11.zetaboard...pic/10711712/1/



Elemental Masteries


You will notice that you get given the option to do the Elemental Mastery quests, AKA EM quests. These are your second source of gaining HP. You can access them from the Logbook -> Quests, each element that gets assigned to you as a primary element will have a separate location, here is the list for those locations:




After you complete the first part of an EM quest you get given an amulet of your primary Element, you will need to equip this amulet every time you do the secondary quest of your EM's, since you can do this every 24h.




Bounty Hunters                          


So you have done everything so far but you still keep getting killed constantly while doing missions and training? You are most likely being tracked by Bounty Hunters. You have two ways to counteract this...



  • You ask around your tavern for anyone to raise your Bounty in said village that has bounty hunters tracking from, a good alternative is to get it raised in every village. Bounty Hunters can claim bounties according to their level, right now the system is set to 1000+(75*lvl), at lvl 500 Bounty Hunter all bounties can be claimed. so get around 10,000 Ryo bounty or more if you are still getting killed in random places. You could also ask around people from other villages, fellow Chuunins who are most likely suffering the same as you, call them your Bounty Buddy if you must, a bounty raise for a bounty raise. Bare in mind that each time you die to a Bounty Hunter this bounty placed on you will get claimed and you will need to ask your buddy/friends to raise it again, it can get costly.


  • You leave your current village, join the Syndicate for a brief period in which you will use this time to do Diplomacy in every village possible, you can do this by going to Settings -> User Preferences -> Leave Village, just remember that upon leaving the Village you will lose Respect Points (Loyalty Days) in your Village and you will be sent to City of Mei (26.11) and put in a awake status. Travel to each of the villages and do a small amount of Diplomacy, having positive reputation in a village will make you invisible to Bounty Hunters, the only probable way of dying would be standing Awake on a village. You don't get bounty's placed on you, nor' does anything get claimed when you die, but each time you get a kill your reputation on the village will drop. Meaning if you plan on being a consistent raider it is a good idea to keep a nice high number of reputation in the village, 80,000 Reputation is a good average amount for anyone that is interested in raiding, you can opt to get more if you decide you don't want to repeat this process again in the future, as each time you rejoin your desired village you will be met with a 4 day reduced regen period.




Konoki -     8.3

Samui  -   11.17

Shine   -   21.12

Shroud -   4.12

Silence -   23.4





Maybe you've heard some of the other villagers talk about this but you're not sure what it is? 

A Ragebar is basically a tool that will improve/speed up your actions within the game itself, there's a control panel that will let you edit your actions the same way as setting a keybind, for example... WASD to move around the map , this allows you to perform faster actions with just the click of a button on your keyboard, instead of having to go through different tabs on your layout with the mouse. Your top priorities will be setting a keybind to Sleep, Wake up, Move around the map, Enter Combat page, Enter Scout page, Collect mission (it's normally 1, 2, 3, 4, going from C, D, B, A).


Here's some examples of commonly used Ragebars and some Tools:


http://shikatools.co...timateninjabar/  -  Designed by Shikayaru


http://shikatools.host22.com/ninjaboy/  -  Designed by Shikayaru for Mobile use


While a lot of people prefer Yaseen's ragebar, I myself am an avid user of Shika's for the diverse amount of customisation allowed, as well as how you skip the step of "Accepting the Mission" when you actually click to pick up a mission.



Yaseen: Player Wakes up -> Player Clicks 3 to collect B rank mission -> Player moves mouse to Click accept mission -> Player Sleeps


Shika's: Player Wakes up -> Player Clicks 3 to collect B rank mission -> Player Sleeps


Both ragebar's should have a On and Off setting, for Shika's it is classified as AutoFocus. If you plan on being an active raider for your village, I highly recommend using one of either ragebar's to help you in achieving kills.





You are most likely familiar with this page by now, you have 3 options here.

1. Buy Out

2. Wait for someone to Heal you

3. Wait for the timer to run out and heal yourself afterwards


You still earn Chakra and Stamina while in the Hospital so don't worry to much. You also get a 16 second immunity once you Sign Out from the Hospital, this is a good time to do any action you need in the village while awake, like the Bank, Item Shop and Missions!





So now you know that you need to stay asleep to prevent from being attacked, you know that training outside a village makes you safe from most players, you know how to avoid bounty hunters, and you know the tools used in active PvP in TNR as well as for normal everyday casual use...


You have the same knowledge as most of the players currently playing TNR when it comes to avoiding death, but don't be discouraged if you still die, a lot of players are fast and a lot of players are slow. Having this information doesn't guarantee your safety, it only prolongs it for the amount of time you allow it to. Death is part of this game, just make sure to remember each of these steps/tips and you should be okay. If you have any other questions, feel free to post a comment in this thread regarding your issue and myself as well as the community will do our best to help you with an answer.


If you still have some unanswered questions, then perhaps the FAQ thread created by Vestige has the answers you seek, I suggest you give it a read as well. You can view it by clicking this link.



On behalf of myself and the community... Take care and Good luck raiding surviving!

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#574239 The Potato Reportato!

Posted by Guest on 06 December 2016 - 07:40 PM

[The Phantom]
Recently a huge amount of reports have come in from farmers and fishermen regarding a spooky raiding spirit. When I ask what the spirit looks like, the fishermen say that its a Whale... but the farmers say that its a Shark. What kind of genjutsu is this? One thing is clear though, the locals call the ghostly raider Val! One report says that a child was getting water out of a well when suddenly it got pulled into it and disappeared. Locals said that there were strange "om nom nom" sounds coming from the darkness below. Is Val pedo? Why take children? They are the most innocent of all beings... Damn you Val!!!!!!!!!
Val gets 600 ryo bounty!
[No, Bad Arphee!]
After my report on Arphee's inhuman torture of poor citizens of Seichi, he has taken notice of me like a serial killer and is now sending me lots of letters. In one of the letters he claimed that he wanted a job at my newspaper so he can reach everyone in Seichi and bore them to death! No way am I gonna hire a war criminal to write in the most honest newspaper ever. I have sworn an oath to protect the citizens of Seichi. If he wants to get an easy job where he can destroy the lives of everyone then he can send his application to Terr-god. Worked for Pana! Eyyyyyyy! 
Arphee gets 400 ryo bounty!
There are reports that a couple of brave souls have read my newspaper and been inspired to stop raiders! The authorities call them vigilantes, but I call them heroes. One of the heroes is a super fast genin who throws mashed potatoes at raiders, his name is The Mash! A couple of raiders were recently found stuck in mashed potatoes outside the Silence Police Station. TeaLeaf, the warden of Silence Prison took them into custody. When I asked her if she knew who The Mash was she said "Yeah, It's AlphaQ... seriously you made a thread about it in the forums... what the hell?" Well there you have it, a big scoop on the identity of a superhero!!!!! Only here in this newspaper! 
AlphaQ receives -200 ryo bounty
[Porta-potty Report]
I spent a few hours inside Cowgirl's porta-potty septic tank in order to listen in on her private thoughts and plans. Finally she entered and sat on top of the hole blocking out the light, its was super smelly and gross in there but sometimes in order to get the scoop, you have to swim in poop. Unfortunately Cowgirl didn't say anything while going number two. What the hell was I thinking... who talks to themselves and reveals all their plans while going to the toilet? Boy I really screwed that one up, I mean did I expert to read her mind or something... honestly? The only scoop I can bring you guys is that she ate lots of corn. This is my next mission, who is supplying Cowgirl with corn when she actively sends out Akum and Cedric to destroy farms? 
Cowgirl receives 10 milk bottle bounty for pooping.
[Notable Mentions pt.4]
Now speaking of poop, where did Kendo/Stick land after he was used as a butt thermometer by Zankoku? Well it was at a Samui rehab for alcoholics. Kendo/Stick had flown super far and landed inside a glass of booze belonging to none other than YellowFlash. His village had sent him to rehab because he is a drunkard kage who has lost lots of Samui territory under his reign. But why does he have a glass of booze inside the rehab? Well that is because the people of Samui are kinda stupid. YellowFlash noticed the Stick inside his glass and wondered what it was. He picked it up... examined it... and noticed that there was a bit of brown on one of the ends. "Is this chocolate?" He wondered and started licking Kendo/Stick clean. Since his sense of taste was compromised because of the alcohol he didn't realize what it was. A day later YellowFlash was sent to hospital because of severe dysentery and Kendo/Stick was placed inside a quarantine room with a lot of other dangerous items. Where will his story lead to next? 
Kendo/Stick receives -400 bounty for sending YellowFlash to a proper hospital. 
YellowFlash is kage so Pana recieves +200 bounty!
[Quick Crimes Update]
This past week kages have raided a bit which means
Pana-god's bounty increases by 1200 ryo.
Angula beat up a disco dancer.
Bounty increase 100 ryo.
Hinata wanted to impress her sister Sasaki so she raided a tent and ruined a pillow.
Her bounty goes up by 10 ryo.
KENSHIN was seen stabbing innocent nuns at a Silence monastery.
His bounty goes up by 500 ryo.
Cedric and Akum hurt like 8 farmers and 1 dog recently. Scum!
Their bounties goes up by 800 ryo.
[Current Bounties]
1. Pana 7400

2. Angula2 2500

3. SasakiAlGhoul 1600

4a. Akum 1500

4b. Cedric 1500

5a. Teni 900

5b. Arphee 900

6. Val 600

7. KENSHIN 500

8. Hinata_OX 310

9. Cowgirl 35 Milk

10. AlphaQ -200

11. Kendo/Stick -2200

Thats's it for today. Don't forget to share, like and subscribe! 

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#570414 The Silence Seeker

Posted by Arphee on 22 July 2016 - 03:31 AM

✵ The Silence Seeker ✵
 Goodbyes In July  

Oh Arphee boy the pipes the pipes are calling~

From glen to glen, and down the mountain side, the Silence's gone, and the roses falling
It's you must go and I must bide. But come ye back when sun shines in the meadow,
Or when the valleys hushed and white with snow, It's I'll be here in Silence or in shadow
Oh Arphee boy,  Arphee boy, I love you so.






✌ Until Next Time ✌

This is the end of the Silence Seeker's last Arphee-edition!
Granted this week was more casual then a barbeque's at your "uncle" Tims, but ayyy
If you still enjoyed it and look forward to Arphee Beardman's triumphant return Like this post~
Alternatively send him one of silences standard "Just the Tip"'s in the form of 69, 6969, or 696969 Ryo!

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#575867 Combat Overhaul Overview

Posted by Koala on 21 March 2017 - 04:12 PM

Over the last few months, I’ve dedicated most of my time to the reworking of the combat system - this includes a new tag system, a new battle system, and integration into the rest of TNR as it stands.  With how close we are to the start of our Beta Testing phase, I thought it was time to go over a few things regarding the state of this update and what still needs to be completed before it’s ready to be launched.


Part 1 - Tag System


I: Definition of a Tag

Progress: 100%


With the tag system being entirely rewritten, this aspect was building a template for all of the new tags.  This defines the very basics of what a tag is.


II: Management of a Tag

Progress: 100%


Management of a tag includes its application, it’s progression in life, and finally it’s death.  A tag on its own doesn’t do anything - this makes those tags actually function properly.


III: Tags Themselves

Progress: 100%


Quite simply, this is the collection of all of the tags.  This defines what jutsus, armors, weapons, items, ect can actually do.  From basic damage tags, to elemental tags, these are what gives battle its life.  Only a few more tags remain, and those will be written during the implementation phase.


Part 2 - Battle System


I: Battle Management

Progress: 100%


The Battle Management aspect of the new Battle System is, quite literally, what manages any and all battles.  This includes the creation, the progression, and the completion of all combat scenarios.  This aspect is completely finished.



Progress: 95%


This is the page that you will interact with during combat, including your new summary page.  Most of this aspect is complete, with functionality at 100%, however I still have plans for a few more additions  before the final launch.


Part 3 - Integration


I: Conversion to the new Battle System

Progress: 100%


During this phase of the overhaul, I’m working on making the switch from the old system to the new system for all of the different battle types.  This is a very quick process and only takes about a half hour for each battle type, making this stage go fairly quickly.


II: Definition of the Different Battle Types

Progress: 100%


This is the stage in which the different battle types start to act differently from one another (including spars, pvp, ai, ect.).  There was a lot of framework that needed to be done in order to make implementation of these different battle types easy.  The actual definition of the individual battle types is currently in progress.


III: Construction of the new battle history system

Progress: 100%


IV: Hooking into the Event/Mission/Quest/Task systems

Progress: 75% ~waiting for validation during beta


In this stage, I will be slowly working on making the “task” systems understand when things have happened. For instance, the logbook needs to know if you’ve won a spar, or have won a certain amount of PvP battles.  This will be the final aspect of implementation and the development for this will likely occur during beta testing of the rest of the system.


Part 4 - App

Progress: 0%


In this stage, I will be teaching my self how and making the app do.




PvP Exp Overhaul: 100%


Battle Formula balancing and overhaul: Pre Beta 90% (final checks need to be made.)


SF replacement with DSR: 100%


Overhaul of CFH: 100%


Performance Optimization: ~100%

Further modifications will likely be made after release.

Modifications might be made based on the performance of the system during beta.


staff tools: o%

battle history reporting

battle history report handling

admin panel updates

event panel updates

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#549432 The Shine Sandworm

Posted by Fooze on 16 April 2015 - 11:05 AM

The Lost Sandworm

By: NiferiousKid


Welcome to a look in the life inside Shine, the Sun village hidden in the Sand.

Lets start by Congratulating our Sunakage on retrieving his Forbidden Jutsu…Everyone else…beware…

Also Congrats to him on winning the lottery…

1st Prize: Hyuu wins 329100 Ryo!

PS; Dear Lottery System, you can do better than that…


In other News we would like to pay respects to our MIA comrade Nellis.

Fear not…for we have a few surprises of our own stepping up to fill the plate…

ShadowNinja-Elite Jounin

Doctor-Elite Jounin

Hatori-Elite Jounin


I geuss you all should have some fear…


Ninja Humor

Kid: Mommy why you no let me jump from tall building…Ninjas always land safe

Mom: That’s true but you’re not a Ninja…

Kid: I am to…look at my Profile on TNR…I’m a certified Ninja…

A Fly can fly away,

But a Bee can’t Bee a Ninja



Items On Sale(for those who can’t check the GT often PM the users for the hook up)

Bracers of Regen-650k (NiferiousKid)

Greater Healer Pill-300k (NiferiousKid)

Engraved Tablet-PM to inquire (Milos)

Shine’s Village Weapons- prices vary (Koro)


Word’s From The Sunakage

“Calm down and Gear 4th


This is only the beginning… Be sure to catch us every week for more News via The Lost Sandworm in the dessert…

 Shine's resolve is absolute   ---> Alba-edit: This is a Power of Love link. I approve this. So hard. Shine through willpower, determination and an iron heart, Shinians.
      Rise up, Praise the Sun!


Shine's Nin-porter NiferiousKid signing off.

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#549259 The Outlook Of One Player

Posted by DoctorBurBen on 07 April 2015 - 05:07 PM

I've put off posting some form of this thread for quite some time now. Before anything is said, it is within my understanding that there are going to be some updates coming just around the corner. Furthermore, this is absolutely not in any means meant to be a bashing thread. The entire intention of this post is to accomplish the following goals:

  • Provide the understanding of a player's perspective
  • Vent, just slightly
  • And with any luck, something positive will come from this


All this being said, let's crack on.


Simple background on myself, I've been playing on and off since the switch from this game being forum-based to the younger versions of what we all experience currently. Alongside games like Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Suikoden; TNR has been a long-term commitment in my life. 


But why?


This game has always seemed like it was in a version of Early Access. Never a completely polished game with a rich back story or fully functioning mechanics. The only reason I can come up with is simply competition. In its current state, TNR is purely a competitive PvP game. Of course, some players choose different play styles than others: being medics, role-playing with other users, maybe even having an account just for robbing and nothing else.


Of course, you might say that doing Missions or the occasional event could qualify as a PvE scenario. Which, technically is correct. However the only reason we bother doing Missions is to receive the stat gains and become more competitive. We do Events simply because there is nothing else to do. The average experience of a player is to be incredibly engaged with all the new buttons and training options and to consume a mass volume of information on the game when first starting. Something this game does quite well with, having a LOT of things to learn about at first.


Then as time passes, players naturally get a feel for things and continue on their path to be viably competitive in whichever manner they choose. Days, weeks, and months pass by with a player waking up, training two stats, running missions every three hours, doing a daily EM - doesn't this already sound monotonous? Simply put: this is not an interactive experience.


This is planning a trajectory for a baseball, and attempting to have it hit one specific car out of hundreds in the lot - when the player hitting may not even hit it out of the park.


What I mean by this is simple. The player hitting the ball out of the park is any new player joining. Different variables such as a welcoming staff and player base, easy access to all information when needed, or an engaging and interactive gameplay all participate in that player's choice to stay with this game (hit it out of the park.)


Everything is in the experience of your players. This is what should be the primary focus of any game, even more so a game that was based on a tight knit group of forum members - evolving into a game that has many players returning if only on nostalgia terms after the better part of a decade. If we view certain suggestions as being "too hard" or "not able to put in the game," why should players bother playing a game that they are able to influence through suggestion?


Of course, this is slight exaggeration. Games do have limitations, and that is all well in good. However, it is inexcusable to have the mindset that certain suggestions are unobtainable in this scenario. If it is unobtainable in this core - that is all well and good. If it is unobtainable in this core, then as a guest partaking in an experience, I want to know exactly why it is unobtainable. Not only that, but I want it broken down into the simplest terms so that someone who has zero server experience can understand it.


I'm hoping this all makes sense. Essentially the "too long, didn't read" version is that players are guests here. This isn't a game that we just pick up and put down. Many of us have been playing this game for years. Our wants and expectations should be understood and the entire power of the staff should be attempting to go above these, if not simply just meet them.


As far as current issues with the game:

  • The gap between new players and players who have been playing since the start is absolutely way too big.
  • There is no other play style other than some form of Player versus Player. (More options appeal to more players)
  • There are still some features that have no function.
  • There are not enough content and coding staff.
  • There is nothing really interactive.
  • There is no genuine story to play through.


Satisfying these six things is not easy, but they are critical to the game. (Some more than others)

As a result of the stat growth in this game being directly related to time, new players will get frustrated and leave the game. While older players should be able to kill new players at first, newer players should be able to reach their level in a much shorter amount of time. That is to say, the "end game" experience where all players are viably competitive should be obtained in a shorter time. This benefits everyone, since this game has been geared towards the "end game" experience. Reduce the amount of time to reach end game and add genuine content to keep players engaged at that level. (Can take the form of weekly events, new game mechanics, pretty much anything you can think of)


There absolutely needs to be a Player versus Environment aspect to this game that is just as engaging as PvP. Perhaps having AI routine attacks on villages that take away from Village Funds, AI villages in the unmarked territory that groups of players can raid and claim for VF, medic, regen, or profession buffs, or maybe just AI that train players in an interactive manner. Example: I punch or use a Taijutsu on an AI, I am actually training my Taijutsu stat.


Features that have no function could potentially change. The three I'm most interested in are ANBU, Sensei, and Clan features.

Time and time again. Clans should be Seichi-wide groups of like minded players. The Clan jutsu is not worth being in a Clan. Allow Clans to be purchased for ryo, and allow for Profession integration. I have Clan, "X" and our Weapon Smiths can make a weapon that our Clan names. Based on our Clan level, the power of the weapon adjusts accordingly.


Senseis have no function. I'm not exactly sure what the issues were regarding the Sensei occupation were, but I have alternate solutions. Include a daily mission for a Sensei to bring his group on. These could provide additional bonuses to HP, Generals, etc., to allow Genin to experience a group-centered mission. If that's not your flavour, perhaps include the ability for Senseis to give their Students a daily mission. Just something for the feature to have some use that can be enjoyable.


ANBUs also have no function that I know of. Similar to Senseis, allow the Kage to send the ANBU on missions that bring bonuses to the village. These missions would obviously vary in strength, and potentially could open up a whole event line that the entire village can get involved with.


Without getting too into this topic, updates are slow in TNR. I understand that staff have real lives outside of this game - that is completely fine. No one should reasonably expect that this game is your entire life. Being said, staff should be player-oriented and want to provide the best possible experience for the community. Again, this is a touchy subject and I'm in no way insinuating that staff aren't trying to provide the best service to the community that they can. However. It should be understood that updates need to come quicker. People are investing their time and money (upon choice, of course) to support this site. If there is a struggle with getting content, event, updates, and any potential feature out to the public, you need more staff. Simple as that.


An interactive experience is anything that players can engage and be caught up in. Grinding from day to day is not interactive. Solutions are weekly events, daily quests that change, competition is interactive if used properly, a genuine story for players to follow and play through, professions, etc. Notice that I did mention a few of the things already implemented in the game. Engaging interactive play can be anything that draws players to this game. Basically I'm saying add more things to the game with different styles of play - the same thing I've been saying through this entire piece.


As far as a genuine story. How were the villages formed? Who were the previous protagonists prior to the player? Why am I here now, what is my purpose? All of this plays into developing a story and moving to a more balanced game with different play styles. Have all players go on a quest as an Academy Student introducing the different Specializations. You can have anything here. Maybe there are four Specialization gods, or heros, or maybe it was groups of people - who knows! Even though this is a Naruto based RPG, we are more than welcome to have our individual story line. Just like WoW plays on fantasy and medieval sources, there are massive differences between the reality and the game. If people would like, I'm more than open to sharing my idea for an interactive story.


Other issues that I will briefly go through:

Pop point rewards - Spending a month just to get two rolls is steep. It's a smack that the rewards are what they are. Increased regen for a day, an item that may stun players, a slew of random healing and buff items that are one use, and forbidden jutsu items. The only slightly appealing items are the first and last items. Include items to decrease crafting/gathering time, move all healing items to Herbalist/Chef, get rid of the Flashbang, include items that increase regen for a longer time, have items that increase HP permanently (see above post on the player gap), any number of helpful items can go here.


Staff contact - There should be a daily news update. Period. Even if it is to ask how your members are doing, there should be something showing us that the staff is human and cares. We wanna feel welcome, important, comfortable, and understood. And if we can see what you're going through, that gets us feeling like we're not just another number.


Manual - This has been stated by other people, of course. I actually attempted compiling all the information on my own but stopped doing so for two reasons. One, I don't have the actual numbers and information to adequately inform other players. Two, I was paying twenty dollars a month to support something that I couldn't even properly fill. Being in that experience, however, it was damn monotonous. Trust me, I completely understand. Manual work takes time, sometimes the coding breaks. But it is a necessary feature to easily integrate new players.


Tavern - I particularly enjoyed the ranks in the Tavern. Not only because I'm competitive, but it gave me a sense of accomplishment when ranking. Ranks also show new players who has been around longer, and if they have any questions they could easily target who to ask. Something more or less annoying, not really critical.


Ragebars and others - Understanding that TNR is not responsible for these resources, I honestly think that TNR should integrate these functions and key-bindings automatically. For the time being this is fine, but if another core is being developed, just make things more simple for all players.


Jutsu, Armour, and anything Battle System - Why is it, that in any other game I can equip a piece of armour and know exactly what it does for me? If I select a spell or attack option, I know exactly how much damage I will be doing. All this information should be available to players, honestly. If this game is going to be based on competition and PvP (or even if it isn't!) knowing the battle formula will not harm anything. I spend weeks training an offense or general just to find out that all of that time was wasted, and I should have been training something else. It would alleviate a lot of player frustration, and get us closer to focusing on real content.


Medic - Being a Surgeon and healing should increase your CP/SP pools. In fact, I would go a step further and say rewards for being a Surgeon include increases to your CP/SP stat cap. You are sacrificing pools that could be used for training, after all.


Bloodlines - All Bloodlines should have positives and negatives. Users with no Bloodline should essentially be the 'True Neutral'

D-Ranks should be the 'Evil Neutral' - meaning they have more drawback than positives. C-Ranks should be 'Good Neutral', B-Ranks and A-Ranks should start to have serious drawbacks. For an increase in power, maybe decrease regen, or that user's specialization's stat cap. Bloodlines should be something to add spice to gameplay, and force players to be more strategic. As it is now, it seems like a Bloodline is necessary if you want to be competitive.


HP - This is quite possibly one of the most frustrating things. The ways to increase HP include: Fighting the Mirror Entity for a 0.1 increase; Doing missions every 3 hours; leveling and ranking up. Factoring into the player gap, this is one of the biggest issues. A player joining in January will never be able to match a player who started in August just on the basis of HP. If both players are just as active, the only solace will be once the August player reaches the HP cap and then it's just months and months of the January player running missions to reach the HP cap before they are able to be competitive. There needs to be a solution to this, and the only two I see at the moment include permanent HP increasing item drops and lowering the HP cap.


I apologize for this dissertation - there was a lot that I wanted to cover.

For those who wanted the shorter version, the entire article distills down to this:

There are six core changes that need to occur. More things for players to interact with in different manners. This needs to develop into a full-fledged game with back story and a there needs to be more staff. The players are this game's guest. Just like a restaurant needs to satisfy all the guest's needs in a 45 minute cycle including the service and product, this game needs to do that in the long-term. People are investing their own money and time in something they believe in, so that should be met with a game and staff that goes above and beyond what we expect.


I understand I'm asking for a lot of things, and I didn't quite detail things entirely out. I'm hoping that together, we can formulate solutions and all players can critique what I, as a player, feel should go into the game.


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to our discourse!

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#576790 Medic/BH level loss for leaving village - Why >_>

Posted by Nepgear on 02 July 2017 - 02:36 PM

This topic came up a bunch of times during the past month (on discord) so I decided to open a thread about it. I'll be talking about the medic/BH level penalty for leaving your village. 


So, why is this a thing?  :D


First of all, it doesn't make sense. It's not like you forget years of experience by moving to somewhere else. 


I get it, we want to avoid people switching villages like Faithy changes her partners, but I think the other penalties do a good enough job (stat gain occupation nulled, respect cut in half and then some more...)


And the ones taking the biggest hit are active medics. This is what bothers me the most to be honest because you only punish people who actually bother with this stuff - while people who ignore occupations lose nothing. 


There is also the fact that medic levels require resources (pools) while BH is just another tool for raiding. 


The way BH works right now, levels don't even matter most of the time. You can either track them (they have low bounty) or you can't (somebody raised their bounty to 20k or so). Of course there are cases when someone actually got their bounty so high from killing that a low level BH can't track them anymore while a high level BH can - but most of the time it really comes down to raising or not raising your bounty with an alt. 


What I wanted to say with this is even among the 2 occupations, the one that requires actual pools to be spent takes the biggest hit. 


I feel this whole setup is just unfair, for the reasons I've mentioned above. 


So what do you guys think? 

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#569260 Endgame features?

Posted by Pana on 13 May 2016 - 01:27 PM

End game Features? Here are some that are in the works™

  • Special rare single-spawn AI that require group-effort to spawn.
    • These AI can only be triggered once within a certain timeframe. As long as that AI is in battle, only those that answer the CFH can join, but no other user can trigger it.
    • These AI require a smart interface, which currently does not exist.
    • Think of this as those elusive Hunts in FFXIV or the rareAI's from WoW or even the Keywardens in Diablo.
  • Special Quests.
    • Again needs AI interface upgrade.
    • These Quests are only for end-game [rank]
  • New features to obtain Pop points. Overhaul to the Pop-system
    • No info will be added here.
  • New end-game Profession/Occupation.
    • No info will be added here.
  • Hard-to-get collectibles.
    • Includes, but not limited to,
    • special armor,
    • weapons,
    • Amulets(New equip-able items)
    • Rings (New equip-able items)
  • Dungeon System
    • To much not-done to bother elaborating on this.
  • PvP Arena
  • PvE Arena

A lot of this requires WIP updates and/or Pending updates such as a massive overhaul on AI-interface and intelligence, Inventory upgrade, battle formula tweak, CFH update, and more.


Tourneys, like the one held by Ziethos, are always a nice get-go as well.


Note: A lot of  this is still WIP and will need a lot of time to be worked out.

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#576941 The Seichi Shinobi [TNR Official News]

Posted by teni on 18 August 2017 - 09:11 PM

The Seichi Shinobi
Official News of TNR

Edition #1
August 2017

Writer: teni

Welcome everyone to the first edition of The Seichi Shinobi, the official news centre for TNR. Until recently there have been village newspapers written by the players for the players, and finally we decided it was about time for a staff newspaper written by your friendly neighborhood advertising staff. Hooray!

Excited yet? We are!
...well at least I am.

And I know some of you have been dying to know what has been going on behind the scenes, so hold onto that ramen and read on!

#1- THE update

First and foremost, THE update, the big overhaul, Koalaland; whatever you choose to call it.
For the past several months Koala and Pana have been working hard to bring this newest rework to the TNR system.
So far on the dev server there have been:

-Jutsu and element updates including new tags

jutsu are now sorted in combat the same way they are sorted on tagged jutsu area on the my jutsu page. The jutsu no longer re-order themselves in the tagged jutsu area on the my jutsu page after clicking the update button.

-CFH and combat overhaul reweitten from scratch

SF is being replaced by DSR

-combat page has been redesigned and require javascript
-New damage formula
-battle history was overhauled
-territory challenge updates
-bounty hunter changes
-jutsu loadouts for paying members
-inbox is getting a read counter

Check out more detailed information on the updates HERE
Check out the dev server to see for yourself!

Note on lag: We are hoping the newest update will help to fix the lag. We do not know 100% at this time whether it will fix it on main, but it is currently our next step in finding a solution and we would like to thank everyone for their patience as we continue to work on this.

Pana and Koala would like to give a special thanks to all the players who have helped hunt and squash bugs on the development server and helped on discord. Without our many testers, this update would not be what it is so far!
Thank you.


#2- The App

As the focus has been on the dev server and the update, many have been worried that the app is being ignored. Fear not my readers, as a hardworking Koala has well...been working hard.
May I present some tweaks and changes to the app layout!





Also I would like to note: the app WILL work with the new update. In addition to the layout changes, there were changes made so it will work with the new combat system and battle history.

#3- Event Corner

Just a reminder, we are currently looking for new event staff!
Are you creative? Like to write? Do you have good ideas for potential events?
Check out the application right here

#4- Advertisement Corner

For everyone who is unaware, us advertisement staff have been working hard on some quality brainstorming and have rolled out a few things for you to check out, and more importantly...we want your help in getting some of these projects up off the ground!

Tumblr- we have decided to try tumbling (that's what it's called right?). Have images, fan art, notable gifs you want us to add? PM aelin, akum or teni via the forums!

Youtube- have an original TNR themed video? Let us know! Same way you submit tumbles.

Facebook- For those who don't know, we have a facebook. Sometimes we do contests. Check it out!


Twitter- we have made a new twitter! Fly over and give us a tweet.

*Note: All media is subject to the terms and services, and rules, of TNR. Approval is subjective and is determined by the advertisement staff. Please PM in forum, not in game.

#5- Admin Corner

I decided to corner the admins and get a quote from each of them specifically for this article.
Here is what I managed to get!

Pana - "why not use that meme they made of me
Noah probably has it"


Alba- "i want a hedgehog
this one is even true"

Koala- "I want Alba's hedgehog on a stick with bbq sauce"

Alba-" I hope you choke on it's quills and die >:c "


And that's it for this month!
Thank you for reading, and please tip your newspaper delivery ninja.

~Your Friendly Neighbourhood Advertisement Staff

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#576016 Well this is awkward.

Posted by Lav on 04 April 2017 - 07:48 AM

He's the hero TNR deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll ban him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. The Prince of SS.
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#570460 The Shroud Saint

Posted by Rakusai on 27 July 2016 - 09:34 AM

Shroud Saint

Writer: Rakusai
Editor-in-Chief: Senpai




Rakusai's Corner

Welcome to the 15th edition of the Shroud Saint!


It’s not everyday people would see something different: You’d see the village full of salt, now it’s showing some life. Raiding here and there, healing here and there aren’t really so bad for a change.

But then again, welcome to the MOST ACTIVE VILLAGE at the moment!

Too bold? Maybe not. I’ll explain as this edition goes on.




Player Interview
Village Loyalty – It a rare commodity nowadays with so many players transferring to one village to another whenever their village of origin, forgive me for the lack word, sucks. Or just a change of scenery (like yours truly. So please don’t crucify me yet. >.>) . Or whatever.

Some may argue, “...sure, you didn’t leave the village of your origin but you did retire, right? Where were you when the village needs you most...?” And the argument goes on and on until Pana~god throws his war hammer.

Village Loyalty is relative from ninja-to-ninja as it is ;-)


As for our next Player’s interview, we got a village loyalist of Shroud whom has been with Shroud for the longest of time. Let’s give it up for the Tiger of Shroud, Tsuyoshi!

Shroud Saint Reporter: How long have you been playing TNR?

Tsuyoshi: Hmmm... I've been playing for about 2yrs I believe ~_~

Dots and 'breaks' are inclusive. :P


SSR: who's your sensei back in the day?

Tsuyoshi: From like, mid-end C2? Keyla-sama's alt. v_v I'm royalty by default you see? /:0

As for this core? Shikayaru-sensei~


SSR: can you describe him in detail?

Tsuyoshi: Shikayaru-sensei... Was more like a sense of obligation, not much I can/could tell from him. =.=

Keyla-sama was like a mother to me.


SSR: Your work right now is akin to a Village Executive Secretary, how do you fulfil the job right now?

Tsuyoshi: I basically do all the social work, whilst Phaze continues to undo all the shit screens I put up for him |-(


SSR: So it’s not fun working with him, our kage?

Tsuyoshi: It has its ups and downs. And by downs, I mean.... Way down. ._.

No homos. Working with him isn't the funniest thing in the world, but I do enjoy collaborating with that human.

SSR: Hahaha... (laughing nervously)
Tsuyoshi: My thoughts exactly. XD


SSR: We have noticed you ranked up not-to-long-ago, are you going to stay jounin or rank up all the way to EJ?

Tsuyoshi: I intend to fully cap Jounin first, before I go EJ~


SSR: That might take some time...

Tsuyoshi: Well, somebody's gotta put them pleb Chuus in place...

E.K style e-e


SSR: Point well taken XD

SSR: Tell us your thoughts about the Shroud now and the Shroud before?

Tsuyoshi: Shroud is definitely a lot more relatable and 'nicer' now in comparison xD but at the price of being severely military incapable? That would change soon tho... I'm sure >:/


SSR: Give at least 3 people here you consider as your "rival"?

Tsuyoshi:  Obviously MikuChan is on top of the list o-o

Followed by Kuru (Touka) apparently >_>

Then Shiekxy Moma o.o/

Oh yea, Xesshomaru XD


SSR: Can't argue with Mikuchan. LOL.

SSR: Your message to Shroud please?

Tsuyoshi: My only message is to not give up, not lose hope, and stay in the no-life-ing spirit for the sake of our fallen honor!

I'm the E.K

And I approve of this message >;I

Tsuyoshi: A subtle shout out to Tsubaki~  (heart)


Editor’s note: Its Tsuyoshi’s birthday today!
Let’s flood his tiny inbox with birthday greetings! Cheers!

The World News

It is not strange in the game that an uber would retire – some ceremoniously, some without a word... With all the Pokemon Go fad catching on our world ninjas, we would like to honor these two:

“Forcing myself to log into TNR is becoming a chore. I have no reason to be on, all I do is run errands. I might log in occasionally to raid or something, but for the most part, I'm on hiatus.

I might come back in the future. Might not. Who knows?

I feel like I've beaten the game. I made it to the top, and now it's time to go be a Pokemon master.”


“xxx....but....the first rule of silence is always expect Arphee. It’s like the opposite of the Spanish inquisition.”


Good luck guys!
Hope you find peace in the real world and some well toned calves!







Blood Mist Extravaganza

We would like congratulate SoftMist (Misty) for a whooping ass kicking 449 kills! With the SF and exp she currently has, she made it clear that size doesn’t matter; it’s all about the smart work you got to do in this game.  It is not strange for her to get into 1st place of the BME Phaze Challenge.

Next are the Gentle Fist GnarsAttack with 118 kills and the Storm Dragon ChibiMadara with 84 kills for 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

We would also like to congratulate the Formless Returner Meiwaku for achieving a total of 24 medic levels on the event, and the Hymen Break Sith Lord Rakusai for achieving a pathetic levels of 20 medic levels.  Rakusai is said to retire from medic duties due to shame.
(Sorry Taco~senpai! I failed you! :()


For more details of the BME Challenge, check the link below:

Blood Mist Extravaganza!


With the VFs generated from this event, we can help rebuild Shroud on terms of structures, ANBU squads, and even territory battles in the future! Thank you guys for making this into something! :D






The people of Shroud are very thrilled to have our beloved Senpai back from retirement!

The “Notice~Me~Senpai” Cult is back!



The” tongue sticking-finger waging- meme showering- stick up raiding-Shroud uber- chain killing-potato stomping-the dense motherfucker”


His word advice:

“Hello!” – Senpai



The legacy continues ~



Press time

We are very pleased that the village of Shroud is winning of its old territories back. At the moment, we only got 3 out of 6 original territories from the start of the present core. We pledge that we shall stop to nothing until we get what is truly ours!


In the span of 4 weeks, the village has been actively pursuing village territory battles. We win some, we lose some, but the effort of showing up 15-18 people at a given time is very much telling how activity has risen up. It’s truly inspiring for the village.

Thank you to Kage Phaze and Shroud villagers!

Shroudies Fight! Fight! Fight!



Organization XIII

New at Shroud?

Just ranked up?

Just joined Shroud?

Riani is looking for new and upcoming raiders for her ANBU squad Organization XIII!

The kill requirements are least 5-10 kills upon application. Screenshots are required as well.

Please PM either Riani or ChibiMadara for further details.




-“Divorce Zeiga and hide from all males starting a new life of solitude hiding the salt mines” won the vote from last edition’s survey. Sheik, the people has spoken o.o/

- Shroud is still in need of weaponsmith so as to help Sheik’s burden of being the only weapon smithy around. The queue for studs is quite long than usual.

- Meiwaku is looking for her husband to join Shroud. If you ever seen a hobo guy, please grab him and put him in a sack and shove him into ChibiMadara’s “White White Van”, and drive him to Misty Morass avenue straight to the Salt Mine Hotel! Reward: 666 ryo and a kiss from Soap. (French kiss option is available)

- The Village would like to welcome back Noah, ChibiMadara, Riani, Yellow and Beaveredge! Welcome back guys!

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#567139 Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Vestige on 23 March 2016 - 10:06 PM

Frequently Asked Questions


(Disclaimer, This was written by a Non-Staff member. Take everything I have to say with a grain of salt.)

(I guess that's not right anymore)





  • (Q). How do I do missions and when can I do them?
  • (A). You can do missions at genin by clicking “D ranked Mission” within the little ukYrCVG.png


  • (Q). How do I turn in missions?
  • (A). By clicking the “D ranked Mission” Button again upon completion. You may complete 8 missions a day, and it is recommended to do so to maximize the amount of gains you get that day.


  • (Q). How do I complete _____ Mission?
  • (A). Here are some D ranks and how to complete them.

Feel free to post screenshots of all other known D ranks from other villages for them to be added.


  • Target Practice
  • Solution: Defeat 3 Opponents in the “Battle Arena” found under the iTs7FrU.png


  • Who Are you going to call? Pest Smashers!
  • Solution: Kill 7 black rats, You can just step one tile off the village and then back on repeatedly.




  • (Q). Where can I find ____ location?
  • (A). If you are on a computer, you can hover over any location on the map with your cursor and see the name of the territory in the bottom left corner of the map. For mobile users there is a map here that labels all the territories.


  • (Q). Where is Surgery!? How am I supposed to increase my health?
  • (A). Surgery was removed in Core 3, The only way to increase health is by completing Missions
  • As well as Elemental Mastery Quests unlocked at Chuunin and higher.


  • (Q). How do I beat my Elemental Mastery Quest?
  • (A). Purchase your elemental amulet from the item shop. Itemshop -> Armor -> Third Page


  • (Q). Where is my Chuunin Elemental Mastery Quest?
  • (A). Here is a list of locations and their respective elements.
  • 19.7 Howling Den (Wind)
  • 6.15 Tortoise Lake (Water)
  • 17.13 Flame Peak (Fire)
  • 11.8 Bamboo Fields (Earth)
  • 12.11 Skycut Stones (Lightning)


  • (Q). How do I restart my Elemental Mastery Quests?
  • (A). The JnH404U.pngIcon -> Logbook -> Quests -> Reactivate on your EM.


  • (Q). How do I complete the Chuunin reactivate-able fire EM? It won't complete...
  • (A). Start at 22.15 and kill the flame target
  • Move to 22.16 and kill the second
  • Go to 21.8 and heal
  • Go to 23.15 and kill the third target
  • Go to 23.16 and kill the fourth target
  • Open your logbook


  • (Q). What are the caps for ______ Rank?
  • (A).
  • Genin: 160k HP, 80k Offense/Defense, 16k Generals, 32k Pools.
  • Chuunin: 1.6mil HP, 800k Offense/Defense, 160k Generals, 160k EM, 160k Pools.
  • Jounin: 2mil HP, 1mil Offense/Defense, 200k Generals, 200k EM, 200k Pools.
  • EJ: 2.5mil HP, 1.25mil Offense/Defense, 250k Generals, 250k EM, 250k Pools.


  • (Q). Do I need a sensei? Do they still give boosts like they did in C2?
  • (A). No you do not require a sensei
  • They can simply give you advice and maybe if they're nice they will give you some ryo.
  • Sensei's are just aesthetic in C3 and are just a name attached to your profile.
  • They do not give boosts to training in Core 3



  • (Q). how do I kill the angry cat/black komodo/dwarf komodo
  • (A). Angry cat is 1 shot with Senbon
  • Black komodo is 1 shot with Pointy Stick
  • Dwarf Komodo is 1 shot with Blunt Darts.



  • (Q). Where do I buy Kunai in the item shop to complete the logbook
  • (A). Item shop -> Items (NOT WEAPONS) -> Kunai


  • (Q). How do I turn in my logbook?
  • (A). Hit the JnH404U.png icon and click Logbook, If it has been completed It will automatically turn in.


  • (Q). How do I upload an Avatar?
  • (Q). I uploaded an Avatar and it's still showing "Default Picture" how do I fix it?
  • (A).The small gear icon -> User Preferences -> Change Avatar -> The file must be a .gif and not exceed 100x100 pixels or 200kb file size.(This can be increased by purchasing Federal Support)
  • If it doesn't appear to be changing press F5 a few times to refresh the page assets and it should show your newly uploaded Avatar.
  • You must be a Genin or higher to upload an avatar



  • (Q). When should I rank up from AS or Genin
  • (A). This is a preference but most players will rank up to Genin as fast as possible
  • While Chuunin on the other hand players have mixed feelings about, Some players will rank up to Chuunin the moment they cap their genin pools at 32000 to reap the benefits of higher regeneration rate and gains from C rank missions as a chuunin.


  • Other players choose to rank hold genin in order to get slightly stronger in hopes of maximizing their survival chances when they rank up.
  • The fact of the matter is you will die. Everybody dies at some point, Even the top 10 players in the game die.


  • (Q). How do I get a bloodline?
  • (A). You must be a genin and go to “Town Hall” and then click “Bloodline Clinic”


  • As a genin you get one free roll chance at a bloodline, It has a chance to roll any bloodline in the game.
  • If you have no bloodline, It’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of strong and successful players that do not have a bloodline.


  • For the most part, They will give you a small advantage such as 10-15% more damage with your bloodlines elemental jutsus and a 10-15% disadvantage to it’s elemental weakness. It’s a fancy name and some jutsus.


  • D rank Bloodlines such as “Monolith” and “Avalanche” have small boosts and no disadvantage. Although they have no bloodline jutsus or elements attached to them.


  • Village bloodlines and S rank bloodlines can only be obtained by rolling your free chance at the bloodline clinic, They cannot be purchased and are luck based. If you want one bad enough you are able to “reset” your account via “User Preferences” and wait one week for it to be reset and then rank up to genin and try your luck again. It is recommended that you do not do this unless you’re doing it to your alternate account, Unless you like waiting on both accounts to be reset all week. Do not make 100 accounts trying to get an S rank or a village bloodline, This is against the rules and will get you banned.


  • Bloodlines can be purchased via the “Black Market” for reputation points bought with real currency, Micro transactions. In most cases if you save up enough ryo, You can find a reputation point seller(Rep seller) and buy enough points from them to purchase your bloodline without reaching for your wallet.
  • Please be careful when doing this, As some people will scam you out of your ryo. Always use a moderator as a transaction middleman to not get robbed blind. To find a moderator click the small gear icon and click “Game Help” and then “Crew list” and look for one to help you.





  • (Q). What’s the best offense?
  • (A). All of the offenses are meant to balance each other out, There is not one that is considered to be stronger than the others. It just comes down to player preference.


  • Although this is the default answer, This is not very true. Taijutsu is genuinely stronger than the others, For instance a Buki jutsu and a Tai jutsu of the same rank.
  • Buki: Base value: 8617. Bonus/lvl: 19.2
  • Tai: Base value: 12020. Bonus/lvl: 11.06
  • Not only does the Tai have a higher base value, It scales higher and has a stun while the Buki has measly residual damage. This is the case with 90% of Tai jutsus, Want to be overpowered? Pick Tai.


  • Taijutsu > Ninjutsu > Bukijutsu > Genjutsu


  • Taijutsu is considered the strongest raw damage and has the highest base values, It has a lot of stuns but generally has less tags than the others “to balance it out” (lies).


  • Genjutsu is considered the weakest raw damage and has the lowest base values, It has more tags than all of the others. Gen is a bag of skittles. In most cases it is considered to be “Hard Mode” due to it’s slow start up.
  • Ninjutsu is middle of the road base values and amount of tags, Some of which are self healing tags.
  • Bukijutsu is also middle of the road base values and amount of tags.


  •  Though as most Buki users will tell you, It’s a pain. You must be carrying the weapon needed for each jutsu, If it’s a shuriken or kunai or anything disposable it is used in battle and if you don’t have anymore, You can’t use that jutsu until you buy more.  This often results in Buki users dying to people they regularly beat, Because they forgot to stock up between every fight.


  • Another drawback to Bukijutsu is that weapons that aren’t disposable, Such as crafted weapons you buy from player weaponsmiths need to be repaired often or you will break them. Weapons bought from the “Itemstore” cannot be repaired, Weapons from weaponsmiths can be repaired by the weaponsmith. But unless directly asked, It will probably sit in limbo on the repair screen forever unless somebody is really really nice.




  • (Q). What stats should I train
  • (A). Generally you will train one offense and all of your defenses. This is a choice and entirely up to you.
  • A lot of players won’t train offense until genin when they learn if they have a bloodline so they can train for that bloodlines offense.
  • Your generals (IE. Strength, Intelligence, Speed, and Willpower) are used in your jutsus to increase damage. Each jutsu has a general such as


Jutsu Effects

  • Deals damage based on your and your opponents stats. Damage is based on willpower. Base value: 8617. Bonus/lvl: 19.2
  • Decrease target Buki defense for 1 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: 26.693. Bonus/lvl: 0.083.
  • Give target amount of residual damage for 3 rounds. Base value: 0. Bonus/lvl: 0.0136.


  • Do not train your generals for your genin jutsu(s) unless you plan to be genin permanently,  Chances are your genin jutsu(s) will not share generals with your chuunin jutsus and so on.


  • (Q). Where do I go to see my Jutsu(s) and Jutsu levels?
  • (A). Under the JnH404U.png icon and click “My Jutsu”. To see individual information on your jutsu(s) You must click it’s type and your jutsu(s) should appear under that menu along with their levels. By clicking the name of the jutsu you can view it’s damage values as well as it’s tags(Effects).
  • Jutsus are soft capped at level 100 and from there can no longer be trained with ryo and must either be trained with Jutsu Mastery, Or by using them in combat. In Pvp(Person vs. Person) the gains are higher than they are against AI, So leveling them on players is faster than leveling them on AI.


  • (Q). When can I be a medic? and how do I gain medic levels?
  • (A). You gain the ability to become a “medic” at chuunin, It is under “Occupations” and then “Surgeon”. To gain medic levels you must use 100,000 points of chakra or stamina for 1 level.


  • As a medical ninja your objective is to heal villagers.
    You can heal villagers using Chakra at 9.1 HP/CP or Stamina at 8.6 HP/SP

    Chakra: Level: 82 - Experience: 817385
    Stamina: Level: 77 - Experience: 767623




  • (Q). I keep hearing about ragebars and toolbars, What are they and what do they do?
  • (A). A ragebar is a kind of toolbar created by players from the community that allow you to use an overlay layout and key binds to perform actions.
  • Such as movement on the map becoming WASD, Hot keys for combat, Scouting, Waking up, Sleeping, and so on.
  • Some Ragebars have an overlay that allows you to quickly access the bank and withdraw/Deposit or send ryo by having the amount pre-typed out before ever waking up. As well as being able to train in an instant by having your training amount typed out.
  • Always log in from the regular Theninja-rpg.com domain before using a ragebar, Do not log in on them.



  • Mobile toolbars are an overlay of bookmarks that allow you to more easily play the game on mobile, Allowing you to train or use the bank without having to fiddle with your phone for 3 minutes and die to a raider.



  • (Q). I keep dying to people when I try to train! Help!?
  • (A). It is highly recommended that you always train away from the village, Move a few spaces away in any direction and then train. Do not do it on top of your village because raiders are always passing through and will most likely kill you and keep moving.


  • If you have recently killed a player in another village and do not have positive diplomacy there, You have been added to their bounty book and are being bounty hunted until your next death.


  • If you are having trouble getting off the village in a timely fashion even with a ragebar, It is recommended to change your layout to “Light” in “User Preferences” as it will make your pages load a little faster. Though it is hard to get used to how ugly it is in comparison, It is faster than default.


  • (Q). What is a profession and how do I get one?
  • (A). Professions are broken into two categories, "Crafting" and "Gathering".
  • Herbalist, Miner, and Hunter are "Gathering" professions and require you to collect items from around the map via the "scout area" page, You can be attacked while gathering.
  • Armor Craftsman, Weaponsmith, and Chef are "Crafting" professions and require the materials gathered from "Gathering" professions to make their crafts.
  • Professions require that you buy the corresponding "tool" from the item shop in order to start them.


  • Herbalist(requires Herbalist Pouch): You collect and process herbs from around the map and deep into uncharted, These herbs can be used to craft items that stock the village hospital and once the hospital is full players have a random chance at free sign out for a duration of time.


  • Miner(requires Miner's Toolkit): You collect and process rare metals and sell the materials to Weaponsmiths and Armor Craftsman.


  • Hunter(requires Hunter's Toolkit): You find Herds around the map and process them hides into Leather and Meat. Leather can be sold to Armor Craftsman to make armor, and Meat can be sold to Chef's to make health items.


  • Weaponsmith(requires Smithy): Craft weapons and materials for Armor Craftsman to make armor as well as repair weapons.


  • Chef(requires Cooking Gear): Chef's craft in battle health items, Consumables, and out of battle health items with Meat from Hunters and herbs from Herbalists.


  • Armor Craftsman(requires Work Bench): You can create armor and repair armor with materials from the other professions, Armor is equipped in your inventory and serves as damage and random AI encounter reduction. Here is the list of craft-able armor.
  • Simple Set
  • Leather Set
  • Grand Leather Set
  • Studded Leather Set
  • Jounin Village Armor Set(Name changes based on village) - Same armor value as Decorated Set
  • Decorated Jounin Armor Set - Same armor value as Jounin Village Armor Set
  • Steel EJ Armor Set
  • EJ Village Armor Set(Name changes based on village)

(Known non-repairable Event armors sets)

  • Demonhide Set
  • Mirror Set


  • (Q). What profession should I be?
  • (A). Whatever you want to be.
  • If you want to be helpful in your village it's best to ask around in the Tavern what your village needs.
  • Villages are always in need of Armor Craftsman. Although it takes a long time and a lot of materials, You can make a profit easily by selling armor to villagers via the "Grand Market" and repairing armor via "Armor Repairs".




New Chu and having trouble surviving? Try Purr's "Fresh Player Guide"



T_T It won't center.

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#566186 The Shroud Saint

Posted by Vestige on 10 March 2016 - 12:01 PM

Reporter: Vestige


New reporter-ma-jig thing Vestige here to give you the news from the Shroud Salt


Lets go down the list of things that have happened in the past month as a recap for those that haven't followed current events.


SinfulLust is challenged and defeated by Koro for Shroud's kage hat

Senpai retires randomly

SinfulLust moves to Samui

Koro(Korotoi), AhanaxxStar, Band, Paperth, and GuardianAngel(soap) all move to Silence

Phaze moves to Shroud(again)

Nexilus moves from Silence to Samui

Kappjo becomes the Seventh Suikage of Shroud

Shine Declares war on Shroud

Naix is challenged and defeated by Prince for Silence's kage hat

Samui Declares war on Silence

Konoki Declares War on Shine

Purringles becomes a moderator

Samui Defeats Silence

Koro and such move to Samui


So Shine decides to declare war on Shroud because it’s an easy win, We have nobody to fight back after our vast majority either retired or moved. This brings it back to just our silent ubers rushing endgame, and our new chu and jous that are popping up in mass quantities, Of course not all of them have played before nor do all of them know what a ragebar is or can move fast enough to do anything as a lot of their time is spent asking questions in the tavy still. With as many that pop up per week it’s hard to give them all accurate information and try to help them out, Even more so during war time when they’re all getting frustrated and ready to quit the game because they’re being chainkilled and start to question why they even play or if they will ever be strong enough to fight back. They are currently having a soap opera in the tavy and enjoy leaving the rest of us confused in-between complaining about constantly being raided.


But I digress, Shine sicks the dogs on us one after another even though we already had no chance due to us only having a handful of active raiders left, Kind of pointless to cry out for assistance from Samui and Silence when you don’t need it and they’re already in the middle of their own war, But sure whatever go ahead and kick us while we’re down. In comes Konoki to our rescue, declaring on Shine with a bug 4 days early trying to salvage what they can from this war. Unfortunately for us this was a bug and not intended to work this way, we can hope right? Nah, As much as we wanted it to work out Konoki was swiftly removed from the war and Shroud was left to it’s own devices. What little we had left. =.=


Ryuk and Akum shrug and go back to murdering all of Seichi. When reached for comment Akum had this to say.


Akum: "I would be there for ya but...war got canceled."



During our brief moments of organized mass raids we had 8 Shroudies and 6 Konokians with us fighting the good fight, we were soon stopped by Takuyadrini and Evianon of Silence, Kira, Titus and Gengar of Samui, and our resident of Retribution clan chat Slayze because he's a pvp hungry monster with an insatiable hunger for alts.







We could say “at least we tried” but that gets us nowhere. In the future perhaps we will, for now we’ll keep rebuilding and beating this dead horse until it rises from it’s watery grave.


In the first five days of the war I was awake for 80+ hours with little to no sleep, Trying to make an attempt to defend solo during my inability to sleep. Failing miserably of course. While Ven racks up about 150-200 kills on offense and defense. Sheldonal, Mange, and Cloudsx taking the fight to Shine just as hard, And FallenSaint and Phayde standing on overwatch during our measly mass raid attempts with Calc2 occasionally popping in.


Unfortunately no screenshots to show off the war leaderboard, But Ven, Mange, Sheldonal, and Phayde all above 1k structures destroyed/restored total.


As a village without strong Jou to defend, Menace was unable to be shaken from the village without outside help from raiders passing by. Sitting on us uncontested for hours out of the day while he had a picnic and dined on the corpses of our weaker villagers, They never stood a chance. Meanwhile Nellis/Kamui sitting on us just as long and without anyone to stop him, He spends his time eating snacks and watching TV mashing refresh while occasionally glancing at the screen to see if Titus or Kira had attacked him. Eventually FallenSaint broke down and put on some armor, DKOing Kamui and eventually getting a win on him. Sorry FS, I’ll have some village EJ armor for you soon~


Just when you think we’re down and out, Nellis gets fed up with war and playing one-man army and Ally-kills his way out, Rip Raku and Crim.

Suddenly we might have a chanc-









Samui has declared war on Shroud






Just when you think this can’t possibly get any more convoluted, Samui declares. Arguments commence on the forums, Fingers pointed in all directions.  Some say that to this day... They’re still arguing. o.o


Some say it’s a bug and that they declared early, Some say it was perfectly fair, Others say blatant Samui favoritism. I’d call myself indifferent. Needless to say that without Pana here to keep everyone in line and lay down the law, Arguing keeps going until he gives the final say in the matter.


The next day Samui won the war for Shine, Of course they did no new news there, Moving on.




A shout out to all those from other villages that tried to help Shroud in the slightest in this cluster-[Expletive redacted]


Akum, Ryuk, Krane, Reap, and TheGladiator of Konoki.


Aqua-Teal-Cyan Whatever color you want to call it modman, Slayze for shaking some of the chu raiders we couldn’t get and beating up our alts.


Soap/GuardianAngel of 4.11 because god knows he's not in Silence right now.


Castiel, Ayane and anyone else I can't remember.


Our residents of Shroud

(Any contribution is still a contribution and will be noted.)


Ven, sheldonal, Mange69, Cloudsx, fallensaint, Phayde, Phaze, Calculus2, Halcyon, Chikato, Kappjo, Kogeki, DColez, DarkSpriggan, Kuza, Anuka, Spookerz, Iracundia, Shikayaru, Eduardonin, Japtemlooter, Namakemono, Kyouraku, Beaveredge, Godou, and Sleezebean.




Another small shout out to the free pvp raiders that came with Nellis, Universe, Teni, Kuya, and Menace, Nebuchadnezzar, and Zelso.


Worlds, Tsukune, Delorin, FlameLighterR, OnizukaEikichi, Sky, Ismira, Retsumaru, Troyce/ShiroYasha, Enishi, KitKat, CRIMSONNINJA, and Nyssa.


All of you together helped give us Shroudies a combined total of over 4,000 pvp, Give yourselves a round of applause~


And last but not least to the "You cannot view more than 3 pages per second" screen for giving us all lots of headaches.








Finally how it feels to be a Shroudie when the rest of Seichi is against you





Reaching out to Soap sitting on his couch at 4.11 looking in the tavern with his binoculars and eating potato chips, We can see you. Just walk in the door, Come back to Shroud. You know those chips could use just a little bit more salt.


Shroud is currently recruiting active raiders, We are in desperate need of strong Chu and Jou as evidenced by this war. If you’re thinking of randomly leaving Samui or Silence and need a home, Give us some consideration, We’re not all that bad.


Ven is buying level 3 meat, PM him for details.

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#549439 The Silence Seeker

Posted by Fooze on 17 April 2015 - 11:12 AM

The Silence Seeker

By: Evrin & Faithy


Welcome to the first edition of the Silence Seeker. We're a bit to this whole 'news' thing, though we shall do our best to keep our readers appraised of any relevant developments for our fair village.

We currently have 647 active ninja, 17 of which are known to be healers. Our Sandaime Yamakage, Nexilus, has also been Kage for 54 days at the time of writing and counting, and will soon be our longest running Kage.


Speaking of which, our current Kage Orders revolve around Raiding, with a pool prize of money available for those who meet certain goals. We're currently not at war, though that should be fairly obvious, and overall things are going rather well in Silence. 


And now with todays stories from the glorious village of Silence. 

It has been reported that an outlaw named MarkedOne has been targeting the village of Silence because they hate him.

A local farmer said "I didn't see anything." We advise anyone with 1000 total offense and defense to watch out for this menace, he might cause a DKO. 


KinKaida has broken the perviness record. Nexi-Kage ordered Kin to wear a bell so that people hear when she is coming. A health manual is also in production so that people stop breaking their jaws due to the extreme reactions from hearing KinKaida speak. 

And finally, SayaNoUta changed name to mzzery and BearJew changed to Ebola contributing to further confusion in the land. 


Until next week.


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